Residents of Murmansk chose the most exemplary grandmother

Members of the Murmansk city club of the older generation became guests of honor at the municipal stage of the competition “Grandmothers with good behavior” (6+) – one of the brightest and most emotional events in the lives of silver residents of Murmansk and their relatives.

The competition annually gathers active Northern women of silver age who are ready to tell in a fascinating way about their interesting life, children, grandchildren and favorite hobbies. This time ten charming ladies from Murmansk, Kovdor, Apatiti, Zapolyarni, Zaozersk and Vidyaevo took part in the municipal stage of the competition.

The contestants sang on the stage of the Palace of Culture and Folk Art. S. M. Kirov, danced with tears in their eyes, talked about their beloved grandchildren and charity work, forced the audience to get up and do aerobics to the song “Turn on the joy, turn off the sadness” and sing along to famous hits!

Many spectators came to this fun show with their families with placards and slogans to cheer their favorites. The evening was warm and sincere. Its result and climax was, of course, the awards ceremony.

The jury recognized Oksana Aleksandrovna Komarevtseva from Polarni as the most “exemplary grandmother”. The second place was taken by Galina Eduardovna Shapoval from Murmansk and Yulia Valentinovna Loginova from Apatiti. And in third place were Elena Stepanovna Tishchenko and Nadezhda Konstantinovna Podlipalina from Polar Dawns.

Remember that the events of the city “Club of the older generation” are organized by specialists of the commission for social support, interaction with public organizations and youth issues of the Murmansk city administration. The club gives pensioners the opportunity to engage in physical education and sports for free, attend master classes, psychological training, concerts and exhibitions, communicate, learn financial and computer literacy.

Older residents of Murmansk (women over 55 and men over 60) can become members of the club. For clarification, please contact the Committee for Social Support, Interaction with Public Organizations and Youth Affairs of the Murmansk City Administration at: Murmansk, Sofia Perovskoy Street, 11, phone 45-35-17.

Photo from the DKiNT archive. S. M. Kirov.


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