Residents of Murmansk can register real estate for a shorter period

On Tuesday, November 15, the Rosreestr Office for the Murmansk Region, together with the MFC, will hold the “Come and Get” campaign in Murmansk. Owners of real estate purchased before January 31, 1998, but who have not formalized their rights in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN), will be able to do so in a shorter period.

We must remind that the state registration of an earlier arising right (before January 31, 1998) is free of charge. The applicant must submit to Rosreestr only a passport, SNILS and a document of ownership of the property.

Also, as part of the campaign, residents of Murmansk will be able to apply for the impossibility of carrying out transactions without personal participation in connection with their real estate objects, information about registered rights on which is in the USRN. This will protect the property from potential fraud. Entering the corresponding character in the USRN is free. The registration process will take only one business day.

Pre-registration for participation in the campaign is open by calling the telegram reception of the Rosreestr office for the Murmansk region: +7 921 162 16 61. Text messages in the format: “ACTION. Surname, first name, patronymic of the copyright holder. Site Address”.


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