Residents of Murmansk are trying to cheat movie scammers

In the Murmansk groups on the VKontakte social network, advertisements from film fraudsters have appeared again.

“At the moment, people are needed in Murmansk for the filming of the movie Through the View. Opening hours: from 8 to 30 November. From 13:00 to 20:00. Participation fee – 3150₽/shift. Pay at the end of the shift. A set of people from 17 to 50 years old. Nice appearance. Two clothing options. At least the top is interchangeable. They shoot days with different scenarios,” says one of these ads.

The northerners decided to participate and wrote to the author of the message, in response they were asked to transfer money to the badge. After such an answer, many immediately realized that they were trying to cheat.

According to cinema experts from Murmansk, it is more likely that such advertisements are distributed by fraudsters. One of the signs of unreliability is that the ad contains too high a fee for a shooting day. Usually this amount varies from 1 to 2 thousand rubles. The second sign is that if you correspond with the organizers of the fake mass meeting, you will definitely be asked to transfer money to some badge or card of the actor even before the shooting. This should finally convince you of the scam. It is not worth it to continue to communicate with such “movie cheats”. Also, the Murmansk Region Film Production Center has no information about the shooting of this film in Murmansk.


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