Residents of Murmansk are less inclined to buy housing

The Department of Rosreestr for the Murmansk region summarized the results of work in the field of accounting and registration of rights to real estate for the first nine months of 2022. During this time, more than 84,000 applications for accounting and registration actions came to the registering body – with seven percent more than a year earlier.

Recently, more and more applicants are choosing the electronic method of submitting documents. The share of electronic appeals now reaches 64 percent. At the same time, the number of applications from legal entities received through electronic services increased from 41 to 73 percent for the year.

“We are trying to convert most of our services into electronic form,” stressed Anna Boyko, head of the regional Rosreestr. – This is convenient for the applicants themselves, as you do not need to take a separate time to visit the MFC offices – you can submit documents electronically at any convenient time. And such requests are processed as quickly as possible. Today, if the registrar has no comments on the package of documents, then the electronic application is processed within one working day. There is also a discount on the state fee when filing electronically.

According to the regional department of Rosreestr, the volume of registered housing rights increased by 11.6 percent. However, this is primarily due to the increase in the registration of the rights of municipalities on apartments that are municipal property, as well as the registration by citizens of their earlier rights. The number of residential properties purchased by legal entities – various organizations, firms, companies – is also growing significantly. Such transactions became three times more.

But citizens buying and selling apartments and other housing in Murmansk became rarer by about 18 percent, and the decline in mortgage transactions exceeded 23 percent. For the nine months of 2022, only about five thousand such deals were concluded in our region.

“The department is trying to simplify and speed up the procedure for registering rights to mortgage transactions as much as possible,” said Eleonora Kukunova, deputy head of the Rosreestr department. – We are actively working with banks, reorienting them mainly to electronic submission of documents, paying attention to the speed of registration of such transactions. Today, more than 86 percent of e-mortgage transactions are registered within a day.

82,055 rubles now costs a square meter of secondary housing in the Murmansk region, according to “Murmanskstat”.


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