Polina Gritsius will represent Novgorod musicians at the TV contest “New Star” – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The all-Russian vocal competition “New Star -2023” recently announced the composition of the participants in the new season of the project. Novgorod Oblast will be represented by Polina Gritsius, a resident of Veliky Novgorod.

This autumn, Polina and her like-minded people breathed new life into the song of the cult Novgorod group of the 90s “Calendar”. The song is called “Sometimes”.

“Written in 1991, it was made as a studio project (one of the first projects of the first professional recording studio at the Novgorod MIF) and was never heard from the stage. Then it was performed by Yuri Voronov. The song “saw the light” in the fall of 1992, becoming one of the soundtracks to the Russian action film “Rat’s Corner”, where the author Alexey Kozyr himself “lighted up” for one second on the set,” Polina wrote. on her VKontakte page.
Thus, a third of a century later, the Novgorod song got a new life, a new arrangement, a slightly different mood.

We add that since 2012, Polina has been a soloist of the Exemplary Vocal Studio “Akvarel”, a poet, author and singer. As well as:
• Permanent participant in concert programs and festive events in the main places of Veliky Novgorod!
• Winner of the Grand Prix and laureate of international and all-Russian competitions!

The girl’s mentor is the head of the studio Olga Toropina.

Recall that in the last season of “Nova Zvezda” another Novgorod performer Anastasia Gavrilova performed powerfully. The rules of the project imply active voting by viewers for “their” participant

Aquarel photo studio

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