Nuances appeared in the story of white fish in Lake Velyo – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The bailiff’s office reported that 80 kg of overgrown whitefish were released into Lake Velho under their control. In this way, the employees of the regional UFSSP fulfilled the court decision to replenish the natural biological resources.

It turns out that according to a court decision, the organization involved in the construction of bridges should have released 4,686 young fish into the lakes of the Novgorod region. Thus, it must compensate for the damage to nature caused by the company’s activities.

According to the department’s press service, usually the company itself releases fish without court decisions. But this time some difficulties arose and the implementation process reached the officials of UFSSP. In the course of the implementation of the unusual court decision, it turned out that in the Novgorod region there is the oldest fish factory in Russia for breeding young fish, and it is located in the village of Nikolskoye, Demyansky district.

The company placed an order with the white fish breeding plant and the experts said that a young fish ready to be released into the lake should weigh 150 grams. Thus, the bailiffs calculated that it was necessary to release more than 80 kg of young white fish.

(Actually 4686 fish of 150 grams each should weigh 702.9 kg, but this seems to be information for overly snarky readers)

Gennady Strelkov, spokesman of the UFSSP of Russia in the Novgorod region, tells about the future: “The fish were caught with nets in special tubs, loaded into a tank with water and transported to Lake Velyo. Special hoses and plastic nozzles were used for lowering into the water, allowing the fish to enter the water at a great depth. After a few hours, all the fish were released into the pond. The sentence has been carried out in full.”

Photo by the press service of the UFSSP of Russia in the Novgorod region

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