Novgorodians enriched the fraudsters with 4.3 million rubles in a week – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

Over the past week, departments of internal affairs bodies of the Novgorod region registered 16 complaints from residents of the Veliky Novgorod, Borovichsky, Starorussky, Krestetsky, Chudovsky and Valdai regions about loss of money due to fraudulent activities. At the same time, the total damage to the victims amounted to almost 4.3 million rubles.

All fraudulent schemes are standard. In most cases, the residents of the region believed the tales of intruders that someone intended to take out a loan on their behalf. To save them, they took out a “mirror loan” and transferred their personal savings to so-called “safe accounts”.

In several cases, the victims made purchases on online shopping sites. After transferring the money for the goods, the fake sellers stopped the standard communication.

In 3 cases, the victims were looking for additional income on the Internet and came across the scheme with the introduction of seed capital to receive future profits, also in some accounts from which, as with Donna, there is no extradition.

Another resident of Veliky Novgorod received a phone call from unknown people who said that her son had an accident and to avoid criminal liability it was necessary to urgently pay 200 thousand rubles. It turned out that the woman had only 43 thousand rubles, which she transferred to the fraudsters on the account dictated by them. When she called her son, she realized that she had stepped on the same rake as many Novgorodians before her – everything was fine with her son.

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