“Novgorodavtodor” replenishes fish stocks in the region as compensation – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

Novgorodavtodor made his contribution to the replenishment of the population of white fish in the Novgorod region.

Employees of Novgorod Avtodor, together with the Nikolsky Fish Farm, released about 5 thousand young white fish into Lake Velye in the Demyansky region.

As explained by the department, this was done as compensation for damage caused during road construction works, for example during the construction and restoration of bridges.

Lake Velje was chosen by experts because it is located near the whitefish breeding base, which makes their exploitation safer, and it is also the second largest in the region after Lake Ilmen.

We remind you that white fish have already suffered from human actions in our region. White fish are found in abundance in Ilmen and Volkhov, which is reflected on the emblems of Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod Oblast. However, now there is no white fish in Volkhov. 100 years ago, during the construction of the Volkhov hydroelectric plant, local residents anxiously asked the builders about the fate of the white fish. In response, the designers condescendingly explained to the townspeople that there was nothing to worry about, as the fish would bypass the dam on a special tray from the French engineer Denil’s system. After looking at this tray, experienced fishermen highly doubted that the fish would use it. But no one listened to them.

In December 1926, the official opening of the station took place, which became a memorial service for the Volkhov white fish. The skeptics were right. The Russian white fish did not appreciate the idea of ​​the French and did not want to climb the fish tray to a height of ten meters.
In fact, it was a real environmental disaster. All the routes by which whitefish and other flounder fish went to spawn in Ilmen were cut off. The population of white fish began to rapidly decrease, and soon this miracle of nature, now included in the Red Book, was on the verge of extinction.

photo group Yazhe fisherman Veliky Novgorod

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