Novgorod State University figured out how to check the reliability of shut-off valves right in the production process – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The Laboratory of Intelligent Electronics of the Novgorod Higher Engineering School presented a prototype of a device that is ready to check the condition of stopcocks without removing them from the pipeline. This makes the verification process easier.

Verification – confirming the “authenticity” that the specified requirements are met, by providing objective evidence

“All shut-off valves used in enterprises like Akron must be regularly checked: how reliably they close the flow of a substance moving through a pipe,” explains Andrey Efremenkov, deputy rector of the Novgorod State University for Scientific Research. “Usually, to check, you have to stop the flow of liquid or gas in the pipe, unscrew the valve flanges of the shut-off valves, take it out, take it to a specialized center and carry out an inspection there. All this is a waste of time, which affects the productivity of the line. Novgorod scientists have created a device that allows checking without removing the armature, right during the operation of the equipment.

The movable device takes into account a number of parameters: pressure, the amount of movement of the rod, the force transmitted by the actuator to the locking element. Then, using a mathematical apparatus that evaluates the operation of the valve, a conclusion is made about how it works and a check mark is given to the locking device.

Novgorod State University emphasizes that the prototype of the device was ordered by one of the Novgorod enterprises. Delivery of the device to the customer is expected in the near future.

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