Novgorod region will receive 10 million rubles from the federal budget for flood protection – Veliky Novgorod Gazette “Novgorod”

The release of additional funding to protect the population from floods and the negative impact of water in 2022 in three regions of the country was announced today by the Federal Agency for Water Resources. We are talking about the Novgorod Region, the Chechen and Kabardino-Balkar Republics, to which Rosvodresursi will send more than 43.6 million rubles.

As specified in the department, 26.5 million rubles will be given to the Chechen Republic, 7 million to Kabardino-Balkaria and 10 million to the Novgorod region. The relevant order was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. It was possible to redistribute funds from the federal budget thanks to savings during tender procedures and optimization of events in other regions of the country.

According to Natalia Sologub, deputy head of Rosvodresursy, the additional funding will be directed to priority preventive measures in those settlements that are most affected by floods today. Federal money will also help accelerate the deployment of off-the-shelf design solutions.

“The works in the river beds allow to increase the carrying capacity of the rivers, which in turn reduces the material risks associated with the passage of floods,” said Natalia Sologub.

In the Novgorod Region, it is planned to continue the clearing and deepening of the channel of the Kholova River in the area of ​​the workers’ settlement of Kresttsi and the village of Yamskaya Sloboda. In these areas the water flow has reduced to the limit due to thickets and bends in the river channel. Our region also received funds to develop project estimates due to the reallocation of funds in 2021.

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