Novgorod chess player did not lose to anyone at the junior world championship – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

On the Italian island of Sardinia, in the city of Cala Ganone, the World Chess Championship for juniors under 20 years of age was held. Arseniy Nesterov from Novgorod became one of its participants and eventually took 7th place.

120 chess players from 55 countries of the world came to the tournament to fight for the championship title of the Swiss system. Russia was represented by 3 chess players who are now forced to play not under their native tricolor, but under the flag of FIDE (International Chess Federation). These are Andrei Esipenko (Rostov region), Arseniy Nesterov (Novgorod region) and Volodar Murzin (Moscow region).

The strong and relatively equal line-up determined a hard fight for a place under the sun. Arseniy Nesterov in the first round played on a par with the representative of Uzbekistan Abdurakhmanov, in the second round he defeated the Israeli youth Vagman. Later, Arseny won against the representatives of Poland, Georgia and the Chinese grandmaster, and also shared points with the Indians, the French, the Israelis and the representatives of Turkey and Armenia. By the last round with another Russian Andrey Esipeenko, they tied – both had 7.0 points and participated in the fight for 3rd place (Esipenko was third, and Nesterov was seventh).

“It so happened that the lot brought them together on the last day. Both fought for victory as the game was one of the last to end, but the issue ended in a world match. As a result, both of them showed exactly the same result – 7.5 points (+4, -0,=7). Andrey Esipenko placed 6th, Arseniy Nesterov finished 7th,” said the coach of our grandmaster Vyacheslav Karpanov.

Abdullah Gadimbeyli from Azerbaijan became the world champion. Hungarian Adam Kozak is in second place. The top three was closed by the representative of Georgia, Nikolozi Kacharava.

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