Northerners are invited to become participants in a cultural project

The acceptance of applications for participation in the unique project “Seasons of Contemporary Art in the Murmansk Regional Art Museum” has begun. Participants can become northerners aged 18 to 35 years.

The project consists of three phases and will last one year. Those who successfully pass two stages will try their hand at the final exhibition, which will be opened at the All-Russian Night of Museums campaign in mid-May 2023. Part of the project will be held in an online format: participants will get to know distance course, where they will be offered tests and assignments on contemporary art by an experienced museum worker.

Students can also learn the secrets of the artistic process, try their hand at creating installations, painting and other forms of contemporary art. The art museum offers not only young people, but also teenagers to show their creative potential. Especially for the young and creative, the project “Cascade. The project as a method” in which polar students aged 13-18 will be able to realize their ideas in the field of contemporary art: to come up with performances or media projects under the guidance of artists, curators, musicians and journalists.

Applications for both projects are accepted by mail [email protected] until November 7. Information by phone: 99-43-57, 99-43-58.


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