Northerners are invited to attend the nanny school for free

Free training has been opened at the School for the Training of Nannies-Governesses to Work in Families and Preschool Educational Institutions.

Citizens of the Russian Federation are invited to study in the direction of the employment centers, including internally displaced persons from Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson Region, as well as people who have moved from Ukraine. As a result, they will receive a state diploma and assistance in organizing self-employment.

All classes are conducted by experts from Moscow – psychologists, doctors, lawyers, specialists in early childhood development. During the training, students will receive advice from psychologists, recruiters, stylists, lawyers and adaptation specialists in a new country for people who have experienced traumatic events and who want to return to a prosperous life with social and professional significance.

12,000 people have already been trained. Over 75 percent of graduates are in demand in the profession and have high incomes. Classes are held in absentia. You must have access to the Internet for training.

Absentee interviews are conducted remotely. You can register for the course using this link. The manager will contact the applicant and schedule an interview. Enrollment for free training takes place after a preliminary interview and checks. As a result, a letter arrives or a call is received from the manager with an appointment for training.

Start of the first course on November 14. Contact numbers: 8-977(531)78-10, 8-916(252)23-79 and 8-977(689)59-52.


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