Northerners are increasingly choosing remote real estate transactions

In the Arctic, remote real estate transactions are proliferating. Today, a home seller and a home buyer do not have to meet in the same office. Everyone can choose a convenient notary office. The notaries will carry out all the necessary checks and carry out the certification procedure in video format over secure communication channels. But there is one important condition – one of the participants in the transaction must be with the notary in the area where the property is located.

The main task of the notary is to help citizens avoid key risks, save their property, money and time,” said Natalia Novikova, chairperson of the Murmansk Regional Chamber of Notaries. – Every year, more and more citizens choose the notarial form for real estate transactions. Here, too, the availability of the possibility of electronic submission of documents for registration of rights plays an important role. After all, according to articles 55, 72, 75 of the Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the notary, after certifying the contract or issuing a certificate of the right of inheritance to real estate, the notary is obliged to submit in electronic form an application for state registration of rights and the documents attached to it in Rosreestr to carry out state registration of the transfer of ownership. In this case, no additional fee is charged by the notary.

In the last nine months alone, notaries filed about 11,000 such complaints, which is a quarter more than a year ago. In general, the volume of notarial transactions in electronic form increased sharply – by 57 percent.

“Electronic services are becoming more and more popular among the population,” confirmed Anna Boyko, head of the regional Rosreestr. – During the pandemic, people lost the habit of standing in lines, waiting for an hour. I want to do everything quickly and immediately. That is why more and more citizens, when they turn to a notary for the authentication of a transaction, choose the method of electronic submission of documents by the notary himself.

By the way, according to the regional department of Rosreestr, the number of applications for registration of housing rights and cadastral registration received through electronic services increased by 11 percent during the year.


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