No heat? Call Utilities hotline received more than 36,000 calls in two years – Sovetsky Sakhalin

Residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk used the most active channel for operational communication between the population and communal services, created on the initiative of Governor Valery Limarenko.

Last year, in general, more than 12 thousand calls were registered in the region. For 10 months from now – about 20 thousand.

– The problem depends on the season. At the beginning of autumn they ask for heating, in winter – for snow removal. We work with each complaint individually, we are in constant contact with the applicant, – said Tatyana Bukreeva, the head of the call center of the hotline for housing and communal services.

Last year, callers were most often interested in general property maintenance and repairs. There are also many comments about the work of some management companies.

Raisa Ivanovna appealed on behalf of the residents of the house located in Nevelsk on Yan Fabricius Street. According to them, the roof of the building is in urgent need of major repairs.

– I called the hotline. Operators helped to solve this problem, advised. They maintained contact with the Ministry of Housing and Communal Economy and with the regional administration. Everything worked out. Now we are waiting for next year, when the repairs will begin, – said the woman from Nevelsk.

Resident of Korsakov Alexey often calls the hotline. Addresses various issues: ignoring applications from the management company, untimely garbage collection, open shaft, unsatisfactory condition of the playgrounds.

– Every day I go to Korsakov and all the villages on work issues. I often see problems. I stopped calling my management company. All through the call center. It costs me nothing to take a picture and immediately send information to the hotline. When the issue is resolved, the operators notify me of the results,” said Alexey.

This year, the to-do list for the Housing and Utilities Hotline has expanded. Since August, call center employees have been accepting coal delivery requests. They also control the delivery of fuel to the consumer. From November 1, residents of the region can ask questions about household gasification on the hotline. The answers to them are prepared with the participation of representatives of the regional Ministry of Energy.

Remember that you can contact the regional hotline for housing and communal services in the following ways:

  • call 8 800-302-00-65 from a landline or *0065 from a mobile phone;
  • write a message with the WhatsApp messenger on the number 89248844203 (for messages only, calls are not accepted). It will be necessary to indicate the surname, first name, patronymic, address and description of the problem, reports the press service of the regional administration.

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