No Country For Women: Transgenders Win Miss America Preliminaries

Brian Nguyen will now move on to the next stage of the competition and try to win the title

Brian Nguyen will now move on to the next stage of the competition and attempt to win the title of Miss Hampshire

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“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.” Historians debate which of the 20th century leaders this phrase belongs to, but it hits the nail on the head. All basic concepts: goodness, justice, beauty, love – are turned upside down in the modern West, turning slowly into the complete opposite. Just like George Orwell, where “freedom” was declared “slavery” and “ignorance” was declared “power”.

Previously, the strongest (skilled, smart) won in sports. Now – the most tolerant. Born a boy, 23-year-old Leah Thomas of Texas has competed – actually competed – in competitive swimming, showing average results. And then he came out as transgender, underwent surgery – and started playing in the women’s league. The average man has more lung capacity than the opposite sex, longer arms and legs—and voila, by 2022, Leah Thomas has risen from #65 in the women’s 500-yard national rankings to #1 in the same ranking among women .. And whoever does not like such a miracle Yudo, he is this “transphobe” and “fascist”.

Or the theater. Before that, only one thing was required of an actor: to be talented. The actor himself can have any skin color, have two legs or two arms – or the lack of them; there is even a “genius theater” where people with Down syndrome play. But at the Olney Theater near Washington, Jade Jones got the title role in Beauty and the Beast. Why? Because she is a 120-pound African-American woman, that is – don’t forget about the “value inversion” – the complete opposite of the skinny blonde Belle from the old European fairy tale. And the task of the current theater is “to fight racial stereotypes and other plagues of colonialism” …

The same goes for beauty pageants. They also become an evil caricature of the original intention: to reward not the most beautiful, but… however, judge for yourself.

Brian Nguyen, 19, won the New Hampshire beauty pageant, the qualifying round for the Miss America national pageant. Or rather won. This, as you understand, is transgender. This was the first time in nearly a century of respected racing history. And we, of course, are not transphobes, but if you look at the photos of the winner, then … however, see for yourself.

By the way, the charter of the Miss America pageant directly prescribes: only a “born woman” (naturally born woman) can be a participant – but any “organizations for the protection of the rights of transgender people” fill such retrogrades with lawsuits – and they are forced to adapt without wanting to be branded as “fascists”.

Someone might say: but the transformation from male to female exists throughout the history of mankind. Thus, half of the classical culture will have to be banned, right up to the Hollywood comedy “Only Girls in Jazz”, which was watched with pleasure in the USSR … But the fact is that both the characters and the audience of such works fully understand: this is NOT a normal situation, the “transgender” is needed here to save lives, and when the conflict is resolved, everything will go back to normal. From which the whole comic effect arose.

And now, looking at the “free world”, as America calls itself, it is no longer funny, but rather sad. We’ve already been through this … “We will finish the five-year plan in three years, you will provide a toilet for transgender children in every school, thank you dear Leonid Ilyich Biden.” But if the Soviet system, to which the present United States is often compared, contained at least some kind of creation, then their “free world” carries an extremely “gender schiza”. For us, ideological stagnation and passion for a dubious ideology turned into terrible consequences – the collapse of the USSR in 1991. And the American “builders of communism” – in the sense of “fighters for tolerance” – all this, I’m afraid, is yet to come.


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