Murmansk grandmother took out a loan for scammers

After answering a call from an unknown number, a 60-year-old woman from Murmansk realized that someone was trying to take out a loan in her name. To prevent this, the interlocutor, who introduced himself as a bank security officer, convinced the woman herself to take out a loan and transfer the received money to a “safe” account.

The deluded northerner followed the assailant’s instructions, applied for a loan of more than two million rubles through an online account and transferred the funds to her dictated accounts. After that, the stranger stopped communicating.

A criminal case has been opened and is being investigated. Fraud of particularly large proportions is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

The police remind: for fraud, fraudsters use so-called replacement numbers, which are outwardly identical to the real ones. Real bank security officers never ask for confidential information (bank details, passwords and security code) over the phone and do not require any financial transactions.

Do not perform any operations on the movement of your funds at the direction of unauthorized persons. In case of doubt, it is necessary to interrupt the conversation and contact the branch of the credit institution in person.


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