Murmansk Electrotransport awarded the best employees of the year

Murmansk electric transport managed to develop despite the coronavirus pandemic, sanctions affecting the supply of foreign spare parts and partial mobilization. On the eve of the Day of automobile and urban passenger transport, the management of the exemplary enterprise revealed the secret of success and awarded the best employees of the year.

For 60 years of operation, the trolleybuses and buses of Elektrotransport have transported more than three billion passengers. The company employs 1,460 residents of Murmansk, of which approximately 400 drivers and 400 conductors. This year, the park was filled with 46 new buses and seven trolleybuses. Another five new trolleybuses will arrive in the service of Murmansk residents in November and December. In the summer, Elektrotransport launched a new route – No. 30 and significantly changed routes No. 1 and No. 4T. Buses carry five thousand passengers on these routes every day. Such high indicators are the result of the work of specialists from Elektrotransport, the administration of Murmansk and the government of the Murmansk region.

To congratulate the best employees of Elektrotransport in 2022, the head of Murmansk Igor Morar and the head of the administration of Murmansk Yury Serdechkin came to the solemn meeting of the general director Sergey Korobkov with the team.

“Electric transport has long been one of the symbols of Murmansk, a sign of high-quality service and uninterrupted work, which has been provided by the company’s employees for 60 years,” said Igor Nikolaevich. – All residents of Murmansk know that trolleybuses and buses arrive on time, driven by a reliable driver, and this creates an important sense of security, which is achieved with the hard work of many specialists. Thank you for your work, we are proud of you!

Igor Morar awarded a dozen of the best employees of Elektrotransport with diplomas and letters of thanks from the head of Murmansk for many years of conscientious work and great contribution to the development of passenger transport and handed over the microphone to Yuri Serdechkin.

– It is difficult to imagine the daily life of the polar capital without your well-coordinated work – Yuri Valerievich addressed the employees of the enterprise. – In difficult climatic conditions, you do everything to ensure that our city lives and works in the usual rhythm. On your shoulders is the responsibility for the safety of passengers, the timeliness of transport, and we know for sure that residents of Murmansk do not stay at stops for a long time. The city administration, for its part, is trying to help you. The renovation of the park will continue to make it even more convenient for you to work.

Letters of thanks from the head of the Murmansk administration from the hands of Yuri Serdechkin were received by seven people, and certificates of honor from the governor of the Murmansk region were presented by Sergey Korobkov, since the governor could not come to the solemn meeting. . The main gift was the speech of Sergey Evgenievich, who reported on the success of the enterprise and announced a salary increase.

– Only at the peak of the pandemic, we had a drop in passenger traffic, and this year we transported half a million more people than last – the executive director of “Electrotransport” pleased everyone. – 5,000 people use one new and two updated routes every day. Our colleagues at Murmanskavtotrans have experienced a significant drop in passenger numbers over the past three years. Transport companies in other regions have the same problems, from where their managers call me. Our main asset is people. Despite the fact that several people quit after the announcement of partial mobilization, and 12 people went to serve, we did not interrupt almost a single flight due to the fact that specialists agreed to work on their day off. From November 1, we will increase everyone’s wages by five percent, and at the end of the first quarter – by another five percent and even more. In the following days, everyone will receive a reward of 1000 rubles in honor of the holiday.

While Sergey Evgenievich was handing out several dozen letters of thanks and souvenirs from the enterprise, his deputy Vladimir Buryak told about the specifics of the work at Elektrotransporta.

– Our success depends on the responsibility of each employee and the management of the enterprise, the city and the region, – explained Vladimir Nikolayevich. – Sergey Evgenievich has come a long way from a foreman to a general director, so he understands the intricacies of work at all stages. For example, we installed GLONASS in trolleybuses 20 years ago to analyze the traffic on the routes. The city administration has always supported us and we fight for every passenger and we do not carry out air transport, as many companies in other regions who have won a contract to service the route do.

It’s all hard work. Despite the decent salary (a conductor receives an average of 45 thousand rubles per month), not everyone is physically able to work in the polar night with such a schedule, which often requires getting up at four or five in the morning and returning home after one in the morning. That’s why drivers retire five years earlier. This advantage does not apply to the wires, so Elektrotransport always lacks a little, but if the wires are replaced by machines – terminals, the company will lose about half of its income, as the experience of other regions shows. Therefore, residents of Murmansk should not worry: our wires will not be replaced by turnstiles in the coming years.

Photo Konstantin Braitsev


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