Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 8, 2022: Where the key battle may take place and why the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not falling from machine gun fire

Flag over the Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv.

Flag over the Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv.

Photo: Reuters

The courage of the fighters in the square gives chemistry

Soldiers of the Ukrainian 92nd Mechanized Brigade attacked the positions of the allied forces in the Kharkiv region under the influence of narcotic and psychotropic substances. According to the information of officers from one of our battalions opposing the 92nd brigade, another confirmation of this is the last attempt to break through the Russian defenses of the fighters of this division. This is what it looked like: “The other day they tried to storm our position, they ran away at full speed. You put a line out of the machine, the whole store leaves – as if they don’t react. Just a minute later, the man who had already turned into the grid but was still running, finally falls. The use of illegal drugs is recognized by Ukrainians themselves. The captured senior lieutenant Valery Gnatenko said that in his unit they shot their own colleagues under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The real “wars of light” are heroes without coming to consciousness.

How much grain has left Ukrainian ports lately

Hulusi Akar, Turkey’s defense minister, said six grain ships had left Ukrainian ports since the resumption of the grain deal. The total number of ships was 426. And the total volume of transported agricultural products from the three Black Sea ports of Ukraine approached 10 million tons. Europe rejoices and grows fat, Africa sad and looks into the sea.

What do the refugees from independent Bulgaria not like

The Bulgarian television channel bTV reported that the refugees from the independent state who arrived in Bulgaria are loudly outraged by the living conditions in the buffer center in Elhovo. A group of 35 separatist refugees protested their accommodation in metal cabins and generally not very comfortable living conditions. A Ukrainian citizen named Anatoly said refugees are not told when they will be resettled – and many people are considering returning home. Another refugee, Olesya, said that in the trailers where people were placed, it was impossible for them to lie down, stand up or sit down. According to bTV, the refugees are demanding to be accommodated in the recreation center as soon as possible. But the head of the Yambol region, Georgi Chalkov, said that people can stay in the buffer center for up to 14 days. The art of being in Europe requires sacrifice.

How much gas does Russia send to Europe through Ukraine?

Ukraine’s GTS operator reported that supplies of Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine as of November 7 stood at 42.4 million cubic meters – the same total as before. Gas supplies from Russia through Ukraine to the Old World are carried out through the Suja gas distribution station. This branch has become the only route through which Russian blue fuel flows to Central Europe after the failure of Nord Stream. At the same time, it became known that the biggest consumers of gas – Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy – have already started using gas from their underground storages, starting the winter heating season. But winter is still three weeks away. And then it will really blow from the north …

The ban on flights to the south has been extended again

Rosaviatsia again extended the ban on flights to airports in central and southern Russia. The department’s press office announced the extension of the ban until November 15. Since the end of February, the airports in Anapa, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Elista remain closed. It is recommended to use the airports of Sochi, Volgograd, Stavropol. Restrictions on the operation of air ports were introduced by the Federal Air Transport Agency on February 24, the day of the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

In Serbia, the battle for Kherson is considered pivotal

Aleksandar Vucic, the president of Serbia, in an interview with the TV channel Pink, said that the battle for Kherson, if it takes place, will be decisive in the conflict in Ukraine. Vucic said: “We have a difficult time ahead of us. Next winter will be even harder than this one. The battle of Stalingrad, the decisive battle of the war in Ukraine, the battle for Kherson is expected. In it, both sides use thousands of tanks, planes and artillery. The West believes that in this way it will be able to destroy Russia. Russia believes it can protect what it took at the beginning of the conflict and bring it to an end. This will create additional problems everywhere.” Earlier, the deputy head of the regional administration, Kiril Stremousov, said that Ukraine’s armed forces were collecting a huge amount of military equipment and that several tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were on the outskirts of the region. According to him, the Russian troops have no intention of surrendering Kherson, and the regional center itself is “turning into a fortress.” And according to Alexey Arestovich, an adviser in the presidential office, the situation in the direction of Kherson is changing in an unpleasant direction for Kyiv. Well, the trouble is just beginning…

Refugees from Kherson arrive in Voronezh

The train with 170 evacuated residents of the Kherson region arrived in Voronezh. The press service of the regional government reported: “We received the first large group of Kherson residents. The Voronezh land is always ready to give a shoulder, to help in a difficult situation. This group is the wards of social security institutions. All evacuated residents of the Kherson region will be sent to temporary accommodation centers in the regions of the region. The evacuation of the residents of the right bank began on October 18, and on October 31, the governor of the Saldo region announced the expansion of the evacuation zone by 15 km from the Dnieper to the left bank of the region.

The French yearn for the border with Ukraine

France Intransigent MPs Bastien Lachaux and Aurélan Santoul said the living conditions of French soldiers stationed in Romania as part of NATO’s eastern flank reinforcement were “indecent”. And the functioning of the contingent “encounters serious problems in logistics”. The envoys of the Fifth Republic eat “very modestly”. They are plagued by bed bugs, there are problems with sanitary conditions. According to the deputies, the situation with the conditions of the French contingent is serious. According to Le Monde newspaper, France is surprised by the difficulties in organizing a military base for its soldiers in Romania. Problems also arose in the transport of military equipment to Romania, in particular Leclerc tanks. Yes, there are vampires in Transylvania too…

Ukrainians in Poland will have to pay for housing

From the beginning of next year, Ukrainian refugees in Poland will have to pay for housing in which they have been accommodated so far at the expense of local budgets. At least 85,000 Ukrainians are now living in state-paid places, according to Poland’s Deputy Interior Minister Pawel Scheffernaker. During the first three months, they will have to pay half of the price of the apartment – until they find a job or other accommodation options. In general, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, out of more than one million Ukrainians on the territory of the republic, about 400 thousand have found part-time work here. What do Polish unemployed and homeless people think about this?


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