Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 2, 2022: where the people of Kyiv will move and how the flags of Ukraine and LGBT became friends

EU countries are tired of the ungrateful behavior of refugees from independents

EU countries are tired of the ungrateful behavior of refugees from independents


In the United States, the LGBT and Ukrainian flags are placed next to each other

Michael O’Shea, a researcher at the Danube Institute, shares this observation in an article for The Federalist: American social elites and sympathetic social media users place the Ukrainian flag next to LGBT symbols. Why so – the answer is simple: “American social elites are confident in their own rightness.” According to O’Shea, Ukrainian flags constantly appear next to rainbow flags and pronoun badges. Today in the United States, displaying the Ukrainian flag is a reliable way to show moral superiority. And LGBT supporters, who yesterday knew nothing about Ukraine, today wrap themselves in yellow and black colors with a sense of their rightness. Soul mates will always be found.

The European Union has Ukrainian refugees sitting in its liver

The Polish publication Dziennik Polityczny reports that EU countries are tired of the ungrateful behavior of the refugees from the square. It is already obvious that most of them want to profit in the EU through aid and benefits. The author of the article, Marek Gallaš, believes that the chances of “conquering the Old World” are not those who need help here and now, but those who have long sought Western Europe, but either do not have enough money to leave, or were stopped by the fear that their “Ukrainian medieval mentality” would not be tolerated in Western countries. The publication stated: “Refugees should not be expected to work for the economies of their host countries, pay taxes and behave in accordance with the law in exchange for acceptance and benefits. Already in the first days it became clear that Ukrainians do not use even the simplest words of thanks. In addition, just with the arrival of Ukrainians in Poland, the number of violent crimes increased – in particular, robberies on highways and parking lots became more frequent. But you need a long time to carry this cross

The former mayor of Kerch was wounded near Kherson, but is returning

The former mayor of Kerch, Volodymyr Podlipentsev, said that he went to the front as a volunteer, was wounded in shelling in the Kherson region, and now wants to go back to help his comrades-in-arms. He went to the front as a military doctor, serving in the combined volunteer brigade “Don” on the border of the Kherson region at the bridgehead of the Kinburn spit. Podlipentsev managed Kerch in 2016-2017. After rehabilitation, he hopes to return to action. And what is heard about the heroism of the mayors of Kyiv, Nikolaev, Kharkiv?

The European Commissioner for Energy is trying to turn on a light bulb in Kiva

Kadri Simson, the European Commissioner for Energy, traveled to Kyiv to “support Ukraine’s energy sector.” How exactly European Commissioner Simson will support the energy sector of the independent, which three weeks after the beginning of the mass shelling does not export electricity to Europe, is not clear (will he pedal?). Earlier, the head of the Kyiv Military Regional Administration, Alexey Kuleba, said that in case of a critical situation with a power outage, the residents of Kyiv could be temporarily relocated to the western regions. According to him, such a plan is used in case of maximum deterioration of the state of the Ukrainian energy system and impossibility of maneuvering capacities. And this impossibility – here it is, at the threshold. And here the West can only help with warm wishes for a warm Christmas.

Kyiv defiantly refuses its prisoners of war

Alina Nechaeva, spokeswoman for the LPR’s human rights ombudsman, said Kyiv refuses to recognize more than a hundred of its prisoners of war held in LPR correctional facilities. Nechaeva said: “Throwing your own has already become a rule for the Ukrainian side.” She noted that, for example, Ukrainian prisoners of war Volodymyr Ivanets and Vladyslav Kashinets were given the opportunity to communicate with relatives via video link to solve this problem. Kashinets told his mother that the Ukrainian authorities had not included him in the list of prisoners of war. Ivanets could not remember the phone numbers of his relatives because of the shock and wanted to tell them that he was in captivity and waiting for an exchange to return to his wife. Your women are loaded, and your tongue will take you to Kyiv. True, now it is bad with light and water.

The Turkish leader is trying to bring Moscow and Kyiv closer together

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the head of Turkey’s foreign ministry, said this morning that Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan will discuss a grain deal with Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky over the phone. Cavusoglu said: “Our president will hold talks with the two presidents soon. He is directly involved in the issue of the grain deal. We believe in reopening the deal, it will benefit everyone.” This will be beneficial above all for Turkey. And this is necessary for the benefit of Russia. And in the evening, Putin had already managed to explain this to Erdogan on the phone, as well as the fact that Kyiv is obliged to respect the Istanbul Agreements and to use the humanitarian corridor only for peaceful purposes, not as they are used to.

In the Kherson region, “moles” are smoked from holes

Law enforcement officers detained a high-ranking officer from the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kherson Region. He is suspected of working for the SBU. Igor Kanivets gathered information about the activities of the authorities and law enforcement bodies in the region. He hired people with anti-Russian views. Kanivets conveyed to the Ukrainian side information about the personnel and activities of the department, about the suspension in the region. This figure remained in the Kherson region after the start of the NSO. The SBU promised to pay him $5,000 and help his family. Don’t pay, don’t deliver. In total, today the Russian Guard has already identified two dozen accomplices of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. And how many of these moles are still sitting in holes …

Cocaine and a helicopter were found in the port of Odessa

Ukrainian customs and border guards accidentally discovered a container with four kilograms of cocaine mixed with slag at the port of Odessa. The cost of this random supply of drugs is estimated at about 15 million hryvnias (about 25 million rubles). White powder was expected in Europe. The drugs were discovered not as a result of a special operation, but during an inspection of non-customs containers that have been rusting at the Odessa port for years. It is curious that earlier, within the framework of the same events, Odessa customs officers discovered a Mi-2 helicopter that had been in a container for … 15 years. Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the spirit of enlightenment is preparing for us! The port of Odessa is also inexhaustible, like the atom – rummage, maybe you will find a hadron collider.


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