Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 11, 2022: reaction to the withdrawal of troops near Kherson and military successes near Energodar

According to Erdogan, Turkey will continue to make mediation efforts to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

According to Erdogan, Turkey will continue to make mediation efforts to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

Photo: Reuters

The Turkish leader highly appreciated the maneuvers near Kherson

The President of Turkey, Erdogan, considered Moscow’s statement about the withdrawal of troops from the Kherson region across the Dnieper as “positive”. The Turkish leader said: “Russia’s decision is positive. If the President of the Russian Federation participates in the G-20, then we will discuss the situation in Ukraine with him. According to Erdogan, Turkey will continue to make mediation efforts to resolve the situation in the independent state. It’s time for Kyiv to remember Yesenin: “We don’t need the Turkish coast.” Yes, and Dnieper for you – why?

The Russian Guard sinks boats of saboteurs

Soldiers of the Russian Guard destroyed a boat repair workshop near Energodar in order to transfer the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the left bank of the Kakhovka Dam. 17 targets eliminated. Artillery units of the National Guard also worked in the direction of Kryvyi Rih. There are 20 targets hit. They destroyed two ammunition depots and up to one Ukrainian military company in two concentration areas. Half of a platoon of servicemen from the Armed Forces of Ukraine was struck at the Mykolaiv tactical direction. Ships stand still and sink to the bottom.

The new congressmen will delay funding for Ukraine

The former senator from the US state of Virginia, Richard Black, said that the new composition of the US Congress with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives will not stop funding Ukraine, but will most likely delay the allocation of funds to it. Kyiv refuses to believe in this – to us for sho?.

Ukrainian mines destroy NATO ships

A Turkish ship crashed into a Ukrainian floating mine off the coast of Turkey. The incident took place off the coast of the Kurklareli province in the European part of Turkey. A hole has formed in the hull of the Turkish ship. The boat remained afloat but lost speed and was towed to port. Earlier, a Romanian warship in the Black Sea was blown up by a drifting Ukrainian mine while trying to defuse it. Ukraine is so eager to join NATO that it is trying to draw favorable attention to itself with decommissioned munitions scattered in the Black Sea region. Yes, this is an effective move.

A refugee in Ireland defended himself with a crossbow

According to the Irish portal Donegallive, a refugee from Ukraine appeared in court after playing with a crossbow in a hotel, during which he was detained by special forces. Alexander Pogozhi, 65, living in Ireland under a government refugee program, was arrested in the northern town of Glenties during a “major police special forces operation” for illegally possessing a crossbow he used to threaten others. Pogozi was also accused of stealing the “blue bicycle”. The Ukrainian appeared before the court in slates and a tracksuit with bruises on his head, plastered with plaster. The proceedings of his court session were translated into Russian. The boisterous crossbowman Pogozhi was released on bail of €1,000. Against this background, the statement of the Irish authorities, who believe that the new refugees from Ukraine who want to reach the island, will have to sleep on the street, is characteristic. Now 42,000 Ukrainians are already living in Ireland and 16,000 are seeking asylum. Well, the search does not press the pocket – if there is no threat of a crossbow.

Prisoners of war are returning to the LPR

Leonid Pasechnik, acting head of the LPR, said 35 servicemen from the People’s Militia of the Republic had returned home from captivity. According to him, they all have a medical examination and rehabilitation ahead of them. The authorities of the LPR continue to work on the release of their soldiers from captivity. We will bring them all back and not disgrace the fleet.

The mobilized will be able to communicate with loved ones like old people

The head of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that the authorities of the region organize communication between the mobilized and their families in the old way. Namely – with the help of letters in special envelopes. The governor said the authorities would help control their delivery to the recipients. Gladkov said the initiative will help conscripts communicate directly with their families in situations where there are no other means of communication or they are unsafe and could harm servicemen. Gladkov clarified: “I was approached by relatives of the mobilized with a request to organize written communication between family members and military personnel. We have prepared special envelopes. We will distribute to our boys who are drafted into the armed forces. The governor specified: “We will agree with the Ministry of Defense to organize such interaction on the delivery of letters. Communicating with relatives today is one of the biggest requests in the families of fighters.

Rome tired of arming Kyiv

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said that Italy is not preparing new arms deliveries for Independence. He stated: “We are not preparing a sixth package and we are not talking about supplying missiles to Ukraine. For now, we are completing the arms delivery promised by the previous government. Crozetto recalled that the military aid is carried out within the framework of a resolution approved by an overwhelming majority in the parliament. Eat, drink, love – and do not litter trunks. Traditional Italian approach.

Everything has become too expensive in Ukraine

More than a third increased the price of products in Ukraine last October. According to Rada deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak, inflation reached almost 27% in October, and food prices rose by 35.7%. According to his information, the prices of eggs jumped the most (almost double), with two-thirds – of vegetables and fruits. Household appliances and household goods have risen in price by a quarter, transport services – by almost half. The “European choice” and “national identity” must be paid in full.


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