Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 1, 2022: What has become the main nightmare for the armed forces of Ukraine and why Ukrainian women do not want to wash dishes

After the explosions in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, electricity and water supply went out in most of the suburbs of Kyiv

After the explosions in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, electricity and water supply went out in most of the suburbs of Kyiv

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Why British refugees don’t wash dishes

The Mirror, after publishing the news about a Ukrainian refugee woman crying to the police about being enslaved in Britain and forced to help in the house, received a wave of reactions. Those trying to deploy themselves from independents in “highly developed countries” in an attempt to “escape war” should read this before bed. Reader Mrjustthought, for example, suggests “these ungrateful people should be sent home.” User wimo adds that the Ukrainian should wash the dishes first. “Maybe she didn’t like working in Ukraine,” Kilevan suggests. Commentator Stevescarpio assured that “she will be safe in Western Ukraine.” The truth is This states the seemingly obvious: “If you stay at someone’s house, out of propriety you will clean up after yourself.” If someone has helped you because you’re a refugee, you’re going to do everything you can to show gratitude.’ All this storm of negativity was caused by the message that a Ukrainian citizen who arrived in the UK said that 42-year-old Uckfield resident Hannah Debenham, who sheltered her, “enslaved” her, forcing her to help more in the house. The investigation found no evidence for these allegations. But in general, everything will end as usual – let’s understand and forgive. They are like children.

The gas from DPR went to Melitopol

Yevgeny Balitsky, acting governor of Zaporozhye Oblast, said Melitopol, now the administrative center of the region, has started receiving gas through a new gas pipeline from the DPR. The city began to gasify the housing sector, schools and hospitals. Tokmok and Energodar follow. Balitsky thanked the Russian Ministry of Energy and local specialists for their excellent work and assured his fellow citizens that the preparations for the heating season in the Zaporozhye region are going according to plan. We remind you that the gas supply to the area from the square stopped in July. That is, in Kyiv already in the middle of the summer, they gave up the hopes that this land would be Ukrainian. That’s right, it won’t.

China has traditionally called for restraint

Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, speaking by phone with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, said that all parties to the conflict in Ukraine should exercise restraint and increase diplomatic efforts to resolve it to prevent further escalation of the situation . Neither subtract nor add

A logistical nightmare for the Armed Forces

Retired NATO officer Stavros Atlamazoglu wrote for 19Fortyfive that the Ukrainian military is facing a “logistical nightmare.” It arose due to the intensive consumption of shells and the variety of artillery systems brought to the square from different countries. Ammunition consumption in the armed forces of Ukraine reaches six thousand rounds of ammunition per day. The Ukrainians have exhausted their own stocks. At the same time, the arsenal of the independent army consists of a “mix of different guns”, from Soviet 152 mm howitzers to American M777 installations. Atlamazoglu writes: “The difference in calibers means that the Ukrainians cannot use the same projectiles in units, which creates a logistical nightmare.” I drove the projectile firmly into the cannon – and then I hid in fear.

Ukraine realizes how to live without water and light

After the explosions in Kyiv and the Kiev region, most of the suburbs of Kyiv lost electricity and water supply (by evening it was reported that 40% of residents were without water). At least ten explosions have rocked the region since Monday morning. Local authorities promptly warned residents that there would be problems with electricity and water in the future. If you want to be healthy, get married.

Moscow and Belgrade Kyiv will not fight

Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, the Russian ambassador to Serbia, said that relations between Moscow and Belgrade will not change, despite the Serbian non-recognition of the Donbas referendums. The ambassador stated: “In the context of Serbian national interests, Belgrade’s definition of approach to any international issue is consistent with the settlement of Kosovo. The Serbian leadership emphasizes this both publicly and in contacts with us. At the same time, there is no connection between this position of Serbia and our bilateral relations. Well, that’s nice.

How many ships are blocked in Ukrainian ports

Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry said the movement of 218 ships involved in the grain deal was effectively blocked. 101 empty ships are waiting for inspection to enter Ukrainian ports, 22 are waiting to leave Ukrainian ports, 95 ships with products are waiting for inspection to be sent to the end user. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense announced that after the terrorist attack in Sevastopol, Russia suspended its participation in the implementation of agreements for the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports. We are a crust of bread – and then half.

Where does the “military aid” go?

Finland’s Central Criminal Police sadly states that weapons sent to Ukraine to “defend against Russian invasion” are already falling into the hands of criminal groups in Suomi and a number of neighboring countries. Crime Commissioner Christer Algren said similar weapons had already been found in the possession of gangs in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. We are talking about groups consisting of migrants – first of all, these are “refugees from Ukraine”. Well, you wanted to be on the “side of good” yourself. And “good” should be both with fists and with machine guns and grenade launchers.

Kyiv hopes that the West will cover all its costs

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft budget of the country for 2023 with a deficit of more than 20%. According to Prime Minister Denis Schmihal, at least $38 billion will be needed to cover it. The expenditure part of the budget, which will amount to 2.6 trillion hryvnias, has grown by almost 67 billion. Kyiv hopes to receive money from the United States, the European Union and the IMF. Monsieur, it is not mange pa sis jour.


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