Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on November 15, 2022: where Zelensky drove Ukraine and how Hitlerism came to Kherson

Kyiv stripped CNN and SkyNews of accreditation because of Kherson

Kyiv stripped CNN and SkyNews of accreditation because of Kherson

Photo: Reuters

Kyiv stripped CNN and SkyNews of accreditation because of Kherson

Ukrainian authorities revoked the accreditation of journalists from several Ukrainian and foreign media outlets. Their “guilt” – they dared to broadcast live from “liberated” Kherson. Where the “liberators” and those who meet them are not presented in the most favorable light with shades of Nazi Germany (someone throws a hand in a Nazi salute, someone is tied to a pillar of shame). At least six journalists lost their credentials. Among them are employees of CNN and SkyNews. Well, Ukraine’s sixth president has announced that Ukrainian authorities have closed journalists’ access to the city founded by Potemkin due to the need for demining. And the need to clear it was connected with the visit of Zelensky himself to the city on the Dnieper, where he said with a sad face that “the price for Kherson is very high.” What price is he willing to pay?

Israel dissatisfied with Ukrainian statements at the UN

Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine, Michael Brodsky, said that Kyiv’s support for the UN Actions by Israel resolution, which denies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and requires an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice, is extremely disappointing. The ambassador wrote on his Twitter page that supporting initiatives at the UN against Israel does not help build trust between his country and the independents. And the fact that in Israel they finally noticed the use of Nazi symbols by the soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, did not disappoint anyone in the Promised Land?

Three categories of mercenaries fight in the independent

The American publication Military Watch identifies three categories of foreign mercenaries in the independent. The first is “active members of foreign armed forces and intelligence services.” They receive salaries from the governments of a number of Western countries. They were sent to Ukraine by special request – they do not enter into direct clashes with Russian troops. The second category – mercenaries from Western countries (mostly from Poland) – these are not the active military of the NATO countries. Most of them entered the square through private military companies with “shady ties to Western governments.” The third category is private individuals fighting for “ideological reasons”. Usually these are ex-military with combat experience, but there are also newcomers. One of the most famous foreign units of the armed forces of Ukraine is the Georgian National Legion, which, in addition to the residents of this Transcaucasian country, also includes citizens of Western countries. But “ideology” does not negate the love of money.

“Servant of the people” serves the oligarchs

Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexander Dubinsky said that the ruling Servant of the People party proposed to adopt a bill aimed at reducing controls on offshore companies. The people’s representatives “decided to make fun of the oligarchs”. We are talking about a draft law on changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine to improve taxation of controlled foreign companies.

According to Dubinsky, the relevant document will make life easier for big business that transfers profits to offshore areas. Well, it would be strange for the party of the current leader of the state to forget who nurtured both their light and themselves.

Russian prisoners of war are being tortured in Ukrainian dungeons

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, our servicemen, returned to the territory of the Russian Federation as a result of the exchange of prisoners with the Ukrainian side, are before the investigators for numerous facts of harassment. One of the former prisoners of war said that the Ukrainians tied his hands and feet, put a bag over his head and did not take it off for several days, beating him all this time. During the interrogation, they put a gun to his head and threatened to shoot and bury him. At some point they threw him at the bottom of the trench and covered him with earth, and he lay in that position for about 5 hours. Cases when representatives of Ukraine violate the requirements of the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War, which prohibits cruel treatment, torture and torture, are no longer dozens or hundreds.

New Zealand will continue to train fighters from the armed forces of Ukraine

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the New Zealand government is expanding support for the independents, in particular expanding the training program for soldiers from the armed forces of Ukraine by the New Zealand military. Additional funds will also be allocated for the purchase of equipment, ammunition and food. Their determined prime minister was supported by the foreign and defense chiefs. The Military Training Program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, launched by the Ministry of Defense of New Zealand on 23 May 2022, will be extended until 31 July 2023. From 30 November, 186 officers of the Armed Forces of New Zealand will begin training the Ukrainian military in Britain. Another 12 employees of the Ministry of Defense will be able to transmit intelligence data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 8 servicemen will be stationed in one of the European countries. New Zealand will also contribute an additional NZ$1.85 million to the NATO trust fund to purchase non-lethal weapons and ammunition, winter clothing, rations, ambulances and first aid kits for Ukraine. They need first aid the most.

Zelensky has brought his fellow citizens into debt slavery

The Speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that the current president of Ukraine has deprived citizens of an independent future, “bringing the country into debt slavery.” On his Telegram channel, Volodin wrote: “Today, Kyiv spends more than half of its own income, 57.9%, on debt service. That’s why I have to take out new loans. Ukraine is a bankrupt state.” And he reminded: “Ukraine is not able to independently provide expenditure obligations to citizens: salaries and benefits, pensions, solving other social issues.” And they don’t need it, they float like a chip along the Dnieper, towards the Black Sea storms.

A platoon of naval special forces was destroyed at Kinburn Spit

Oleksandr Malkevich, deputy chairman of the media commission of the Public House of the Russian Federation, said that about two dozen soldiers from the Naval Special Operations Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed in an attempt to land near the village of Pokrovskoe on the Kinburn Spit in the area of Nikolaev. According to him, the sabotage group of the 73rd Marine CSO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been liquidated. The defeat of four light-powered swimming devices has been confirmed. During the artillery strike by the Russian military, Ukrainian fire support assets in the villages of Kutsurub and Ivanovka near Nikolaev were suppressed. Yes, a saboteur’s life is short, and that’s why he’s so cute.

The European Union gave Ukraine half as many countries

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced with undisguised pride that the European Union has already provided Kyiv with weapons worth more than 8 billion euros. This was said by Josep on Monday at a press conference after the meeting of the EU Council in Brussels. Borrell specified: “European Union countries have provided Ukraine with weapons worth 8 billion euros, which is about 45% of the aid from the United States.” Well, that’s it, the bar has been set – should we aim to jump over it?


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