Kandalaksha football players played in the first final of the Russian championship in Sochi

The Russian Football Union for the first time held the final stage of the FONBET Russian Football Championship 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, in which 58 of the country’s strongest amateur teams from 34 regions, from Dagestan to Sakhalin, played.

The championship was held in three stages. The municipal stage was held in over 900 cities and regions from March to August. Teams from more than 60 regions of the country participated in the regional stage from August to October. At the final stage, teams from federal amateur leagues such as LFL, AFL, Amateur League, LFL World played in Sochi – a total of 58 teams from 34 regions of the country.

FC “Kandalaksha” got into a group of three teams, where the rivals of the polar footballers were “ASP – ROSTOV” and “AMTEL” from St. Petersburg. The first half passed with the advantage of the opponent, but the result was never discovered. In the second half, the experience and readiness of the people of Rostov showed, and at the end of the match our team conceded three goals. The result was the victory of “ASP-ROSTOV” with a score of 3:0.

The next day, Kandalaksha met AMTEL. Draw with St. Petersburg – 2:2. Our players took 3rd place in the group.

Then there was a playoff match to reach the 1/16 of the playoffs with the team “ARTIK TELECOM” from St. Petersburg, in which the current players of Murmansk “North” played. The first part passed with the advantage of “Kandalaksha” with a score of 2:1, in the second part the opponent took advantage and won with 5:2. Unfortunately, this was the last game for our team in the championship and the players were eliminated from the tournament. Club “Kandalaksha” also played a friendly match with “СШ-7” from Karelia, where the northerners won 5:1.


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