In Ukraine, the Russian language signed a death sentence

Not the Russian language will disappear, but Ukraine

Not the Russian language will disappear, but Ukraine

Photo: Reuters

– The Russian language must completely disappear from our territory. As an element of hostile propaganda and brainwashing of our population, such a passage was uttered by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, on the air of one of the Ukrainian television channels and called on Ukrainians to learn English. – English is mandatory, our mother tongue is mandatory. And planting these Russian narratives here is very dangerous – supposedly we have to come to terms with them, understand something. Look: we do not need anything from them, let them abandon us, let them retire to their swamps and croak in the Russian language.

It would be possible to ignore the next statement of this virus, who forgot about his own historical roots, about his mother, who lives in the LPR on a Russian pension, if this mankurt did not occupy such an important post in today’s Ukraine. The National Security and Defense Council is no less important state body than the same SBU. And it performs similar punitive functions, prepares sanctions, including against the citizens of Ukraine itself, and determines state policy. Do you remember how Danilov talked about the need to blow up the Kerch (Crimean) bridge? Dozens of similar examples could be cited.

This vet’s gangster past is felt in the choice of vocabulary: “Let them retreat to their swamps and croak in their Russian.” Directly in language, one wants to recall Danilov’s veterinary past and his knowledge in this field, but the animals are not to blame for this, not even the frogs.

He expressed this statement of his in motion, although throughout his life he spoke, excuse me, to use his expression, “croaked” exclusively in his native Russian language. A native of Luhansk, where he became mayor in the gangster ’90s, he now feels nothing but hatred and contempt for his former compatriots.

Danilov is an obvious bull, and with him everything is clear to the last brain curve, which, unfortunately, he still has like every person. His speech is interesting as a manifestation of the state policy of the Independent regarding its own population.

Of course, at the moment, no matter how you ban the Russian language on this territory, Ukrainians will still speak it. We can remember, for example, how the same people from Kiev or Zhytomyr suddenly start to express themselves in the purest Russian when geraniums or calibers fly by them. Or in the same situation, suddenly on the Russian front, the “defenders of the Krai” begin to speak and express their emotions under the fire of Russian artillery. They will probably especially like Danilov’s proposal.

However, they will be busy at that time. While the high offices in Kyiv will announce the destruction of everything Russian on a cultural level, the Nazi fighters of Ukraine will begin to physically exterminate the Russians in their country. And in Kyiv, in the meantime, without paying attention to such trifles, they will set about eradicating something else Russian. For example, Russian surnames. By the way, Danilov, who easily changed his Russian name Alexey to Alexey, and his father’s name from Vyacheslav to Myacheslav, will easily give up his Russian surname. Mancourt will only be happy about it. I’m sure that those who don’t change their names in this scenario, he will suggest they be liquidated as they will be a “threat to national security”.

This is simply not fulfilled by him and his ilk, their indecent fantasies.

– It is not the Russian language that will disappear, but Ukraine, which is led by such heroes. Danilov is a vivid example of what a former Russian can become, who sold his dignity and the memory of his ancestors for rotten Bandera stew, – the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov appreciated the initiative of Danilov and himself.

Exactly. If Danilov said that “the Russian language should disappear from the territory” of Ukraine, then everything will be exactly the opposite – Ukraine will disappear from the territory of the Russian language.


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