In Pankovka, a Toyota flew into a ditch, and in Veliky Novgorod they are looking for witnesses to a collision with a pedestrian – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

Controlling traffic on Sunday, October 23, officers of a separate battalion of the Veliky Novgorod traffic police brought to administrative responsibility 80 vehicle drivers. Three of them were arrested for drunken driving.

There were 8 accidents without injuries.

Another 3 accidents occurred in the Novgorod region. Yesterday, at about 10:35 8 km from the highway to Shimsk, a man born in 1974, driving a Chevrolet Niva, when leaving a secondary road, did not make sure that the maneuver was safe, did not ensure the advantage of driving on a main jeep “Toyota HILUX”, under the management of the drivers – women born in 1965, and there was a blow. The HILUX ended up in a ditch and overturned. However, the driver only needed minimal medical attention. was provided at the scene of the accident.

The traffic police is looking for witnesses to an accident that occurred on 10/18/2022 at around 07:55 on Bolshaya St. Petersburg near house 122. An unidentified driver driving an unidentified dark-colored car hit a pedestrian, after which the car fled the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call the hotline at 981-080.

photo of the “Novgorodsky” traffic police department

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