In Murmansk, the stadium replaced the swamp

Stadium, pitch and running tracks. Murmansk High School No. 9 (Proezd Mikhail Ivchenko, 15) has a lot to be proud of! All landscaping work on its rather large grounds is finally complete. Yesterday, the opening of the football field took place in the ninth high school. The city manager of Murmansk, Yury Serdechkin, attended the solemn event.

– Murmansk is a very sporty city, and therefore the support and development of mass children’s sports is one of our priorities, – stresses Yuriy Serdechkin. – The works on the territory of the high school were carried out in several stages over three years. Now there is a beautiful football field, running tracks, sports ground. And this is not the only object. This year we finished the work on the territory of schools No. 11 and 31, where modern equipment, a sports ground and a football field also appeared. Of course, we will continue to work and create more and more places for children to learn.

The blizzard and gusty wind did not seem to upset the young residents of Murmansk who had gathered for the sports holiday. While the toddlers warmed up with fun starts and the high schoolers jumped to incendiary rhythms, the football players held their first warm-up on the new pitch.

It should be noted that on the basis of the ninth high school, not only its students, but also students of sports schools in football, basketball and volleyball are engaged in physical education and sports, which means that the new football field will be in great demand.


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