Hydrographers of the Northern Fleet found five sunken ships

Hydrographic vessel of the Northern Fleet “Romuald Muklevich” completed work expeditions “Remember the war” at the “Teriberka” stage.

In total, it was possible to study 11 regions, the total volume of bottom relief surveys was 381 square kilometer, instrumental evaluation of the relief of the bottom – more than 1800 kilometers. Obnaruzheny six sunken objects, iz nih five – ships or parts of them.

It is not excluded that among the found ships there is transport “Thomas Scott” and guard ship “Priliv” – this is to be checked a little later.

In addition, the finding in canonical coordinates was finally disproved I died during the war of the allied ships “Induna” and “Empire Cowper”, specified location of other objects previously shown on maps. These areas will now be open to the sea forethought.

Of serious interest is an object discovered in the German area mining enclosure “Bantos-B”. Primary hydroacoustic image has many similarities with the primary image found in the same area Soviet submarines D-3 and K-2.

When solving the tasks of the next stage of the expedition, a corresponding request for the convoy ships PQ-17 will be made. Further investigation of the object is also planned, which could be both the transport “Revolution”, which died at the end of 1944, and the hydrographic vessel “Meridian”, which died in 1941.


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