How to pay for purchases using a QR code and why is it safe?

Many stores now accept payment via QR codes through the Fast Payment System (FPS), to which all major Russian banks are connected. As Mikhail Starichkov, deputy manager of the Bank of Russia branch for the Murmansk region, explained, retail stores introduce this method of contactless payment for the convenience of customers.

This solution for internal payments has become a worthy alternative to other previously popular services. QR code payment is a reliable, clear and secure payment method.

A QR code, also called a QR sticker, encodes a payment link with the merchant’s details. You only need to scan it with a smartphone camera using the mobile application of the FPS member bank that has implemented this payment method. Then specify the required amount, carefully check the details of the transfer and confirm it. It will only take a few seconds.

As the expert notes, such a solution for accepting payments will be especially useful for small commercial establishments. Owners do not need to purchase a payment terminal if they want to accept cashless payments through SBP. You can place the printed QR sticker in any convenient place, for example next to the cash register or on a table in a restaurant.

In large stores, you can see how a unique QR code is generated on the cash register screen for each purchase, it is also called dynamic, – added Mikhail Starichkov. – In addition to the payment details, it immediately indicates the amount of the purchase. Therefore, in this case, payment is even easier. If everything is correct, feel free to confirm the operation.

SBP has an equally convenient online shopping solution. Payment via payment link is provided for online purchases. Select the required goods in the mobile application or on the store website and proceed to checkout. When you click the payment link, your bank’s page will open to verify the merchant details and confirm the transfer. You don’t need to enter your phone number or card details, which means there’s no risk of them falling into the hands of cyber crooks. All transactions carried out through SBP are protected in accordance with information security standards at the level of the Bank of Russia, NSPK and participating banks.

You can distinguish an SBP payment by the logo inside the QR code (multi-colored triangles with the abbreviation SBP). If you see this icon, no commission will be charged for the payment. The main thing is that the buyer’s bank is linked to SBP.


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