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New social support measures for the children of Novgorod, called for in the course of the partial mobilization, were discussed the other day in the regional Duma. The topic became key in the agenda of the local self-government council, which was attended by representatives of 22 municipalities from the region. We spoke with Alexei Mityunov, chairman of the Duma of Veliky Novgorod, and asked him to comment on how help for such families will be organized in the regional center.

– Alexey Genadievich, the first important step – the organization of free travel for the children of those who went to the NWO zone – has been done. What other support measures can the families of those mobilized in Veliky Novgorod count on in the near future?

– Yes, together with the city administration we managed to develop and implement the first step in the shortest possible time. I am glad that the problem was solved in favor of those children who live in the district, but go to school and to additional activities in the city.

All currently relevant measures to support the mobilized citizens and their families are specified in the decree of the governor of the Novgorod region. One of the sections lists four regulations recommended for local authorities.

Our next step is to provide free rest for children from such families in out-of-town recreation and educational centers and sanatoriums. Work is already underway here together with the relevant departments of the city administration. Next – organizing free meals in schools. Among the support measures is the provision of additional educational services for children in cultural and sports institutions.

– How will this work be organized?

– We set ourselves the following task: to develop the algorithms of action for each of the benefits, so that no child of a mobilized parent loses his right to it. Because the situations are different, sometimes atypical. For example, the child’s father is called out of our region or the child lives with a parent whose paternity is not documented. In such cases, there must also be an understanding of how to act, including from a legal point of view.

The Duma of Veliky Novgorod is ready to solve these problems and cooperate with regional and federal authorities. Our task as people’s representatives is to clearly prepare the lists of the needy by deputy districts. Colleagues are already involved in this work – the deputy corps will monitor at the request of the families themselves. At the same time, we are well aware that different nuances arise, so it is important for us to offer such help without waiting for requests. We plan to work proactively in this direction.

– The Council also discussed the region’s budget for 2023 and the following two-year period. What questions about the formation of the main financial document of the region are relevant for Veliky Novgorod?

– The draft regional law provides for transfers to local budgets in the amount of 13.7 billion rubles. The budget maintains a social orientation. Of course, one of the main priorities of the city in the near future is the construction of a new school in the Ivushki microdistrict. It is gratifying that the authorities of the area support us and the city will receive certain subsidies, thanks to which we will be able to start the construction of this school in one of the youngest microdistricts, which today is in dire need of it.

In addition, the council heard that the budget again provided funds for the development of the priority project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”. The ranked list by cities today is quite extensive. Many yards are already ready to engage in this work, design projects have been developed. And some territories require renovation in terms of time – for example, in the Western District of Veliky Novgorod, built about 50 years ago. Therefore, citizens are worried about whether this program will continue to be implemented and for how long. Fortunately, we have heard that money will be released. For now, the question of the amount of co-financing remains, but this will become clear when the amounts are approved at the federal level. The important thing is that it was noted at the council meeting that there is a possibility that the amounts will not be reduced. This means that in the near future we will be able to repair about 30 city yards. As soon as there is an understanding of the amount, we will be actively involved in this work, including on specific sites and interaction with contractors.

It is also pleasant that from next year an additional 10% of income deductions under the simplified taxation system will be transferred to the city budget.

According to the city commission on education, from November 12 free hot meals will be provided in schools for children of mobilized citizens of Novgorod – students from grades 5-11. As of the beginning of November, 53 families have already applied for this support measure. In addition, the city administration is working on the issue of extraordinary enrollment in extended day groups for such children.

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