Good luck to the kid. New additional education programs are opening in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Soviet Sakhalin

The Palace of Children’s (Youth) Creativity in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (DSYuT) launched a new additional general education program “Laser Technologies. Cutting and engraving. Participation in the national project “Education” made it possible to create 30 new places for training children in this area.

To clarify, the federal project “The success of every child” of the national project “Education” is aimed at creating new places for additional education.

“The national project “Education” is aimed at raising a harmoniously developed personality of a child, updating the content of education and creating the appropriate infrastructure for this, equipping it with new equipment,” said Svetlana Zakharova, deputy director of the Education Department of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. – This year, within the framework of the national project, the Palace of Children’s Creativity received funding on a competitive basis for the creation of new places for additional education. This made it possible to open a new direction, an interesting educational program was prepared, which began to be implemented from the beginning of this school year.

Within the framework of the project “The success of every child”, the Palace of children’s (youth) creativity received funding in the amount of 600 thousand rubles, which was used to purchase a modern laser machine and consumables for it. Now 30 young residents of the city of middle and high school age, including 20 children with disabilities, students of the Nadezhda Correctional School, are being trained to work with the equipment. The new direction turned out to be extremely popular, enrollment in groups was completed in one day. The program is implemented by a teacher of the highest qualification category Roman Vahitov, whose students have repeatedly become winners and prize-winners of regional and national championships in professional skills WorldSkills, Abilympics in technical competencies.

– In our institution, technical disciplines were previously represented by robotics and 3D modeling, now we can teach children a new direction of high technologies – laser cutting, said Evgenia Kharlamova, deputy director of the Children’s Children’s Youth School. – In the classroom, children model an object in a computer program, which is then printed on a laser machine. As part of the implementation of this educational program, we plan to develop project activities. For example, children can make parts for board games they invent.

Recall that the national project “Education” is an initiative aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of Russian education, as well as at the upbringing of a harmoniously developed and socially responsible person.

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