German scientists have found evidence of the artificial origin of the coronavirus

The virus is 99.9% artificially created copy of a natural virus

The virus is 99.9% artificially created copy of a natural virus

Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA

Valentin Brütel, a member of the joint German-American research team, said she had almost certainly succeeded in proving the laboratory origin of the coronavirus.

“The results of our study show that this virus is 99.9% an artificially created copy of a natural virus,” Bruttle told reporters.

According to him, the study proves that the coronavirus was artificially assembled with a very high degree of probability – anomalies characteristic of synthetic viruses are observed in its genome. This is evidenced by the specific distribution of some blocks, which in natural viruses alternate in a random order.

Earlier, a committee on the coronavirus, formed by the medical journal Lancet, reached similar conclusions. After two years of studying the pathogen that caused the pandemic, scientists have published a report that suggests the coronavirus may have been artificially created.

By the way, in the same report, British scientists complained that all the work of their American colleagues in this field was classified, which prevented a full-fledged independent verification.


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