Gennady Zyuganov: After the victory in Ukraine, the Red Banner can again become the state flag of Russia

Gennady Zyuganov

Gennady Zyuganov

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Gennady Andreevich, 85 years ago the two-headed eagles on the Kremlin towers were replaced with ruby ​​stars. And which symbols of a great country would you not touch at all?

– Every country and people develop based on the events that ignited in its history.

Now, if you look at the color scheme, symbolic, then you will just gasp. We have a golden red color. Such soul, such faith…

And the Savior not made by hands on a red background, and the flags of the Russian army, and the clothes of the beauty, and the Red Square, and the red girl, and the red corner, and the red hut with her pies.

It is a state of mind, our moral and ethical state.

It is not by chance that Vladimir the Baptist accepted the faith that is the basis of our life, and this is, first of all, moral foundations, good relations with people. Love your neighbor – the main thing here.

Therefore, the color red corresponds to our history and our soul.

And the appearance of red, ruby ​​stars, moreover, is quite symbolic.

And during Yeltsin’s time, they tried to reach for the stars of the Kremlin, but they changed their minds in time.

In my opinion, it is not by chance that today we see red stars – like the Victory Banner – on tanks – with these symbols, our boys freed their native Ukraine from Nazism and fascism.

They continue the work of their fathers and grandfathers. They defeated the Nazis, but the Americans revived this abomination and filth along with Bandera. And we continue under the red banner of Victory, on which are the hammer and sickle, to cleanse our common homeland of this scab, of this cancerous tumor. So, it seems to me, it is necessary to look at it historically. Then you will perceive everything as natural.

But I am against breaking, demolishing monuments, mutilating symbols and memory. Every era has left its monuments. They must be protected.

– But you remembered the red flag with hammer and sickle now flying over a special operation. After the Victory, can this flag return as the official state flag of Russia?

– It may be so. I would like to vote for this.

And he’s back now.

We had someone (he gives the name of a now little-known politician. – A.G.) who sat down, disgraced the Duma and made a proposal – to tear the hammer and sickle, the star from the Banner of Victory. But, thank God, then everyone was outraged and chased him in the neck. And officially the flag of victory was approved as the main symbol. And on Red Square during the parade on May 9, the state flag of the country and the Banner of Victory are flown.

The hammer and sickle and the star are signs of working people. Workers, peasants, teachers, engineers, doctors, scientists, soldiers – they are the essence and flesh of every nation and every country. They will happily vote for these symbols.

– And yet yesterday there was such information that in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “a new wave of pure party members is being launched”, “mass expulsions of ideologically foreign party members” have begun – this is what Afonin allegedly announced.

– Who told you that?

– Here’s some information.

– Afonin is a responsible, serious person, he speaks on Komsomolskaya Pravda radio. And you know very well that no one has done this and will not do it.

But we have a party, it has a constitution, a program. There is a program to bring the country out of the crisis, a development budget, the unique experience of national enterprises. And it has to do with all the major issues.

The party member is obliged to put this into practice. If he does not do this, he should be sent away. It’s the same party. And the party is strong because it strictly follows its program and democratic centralism is prescribed for all. Discuss, talk, express. The majority voted – carried out his will.

– So there will be no repressions since 1937 in the party?

– Relax…

– Thanks.


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