Fraudsters forced the northerner to borrow and borrow

A 57-year-old resident of Kirovsk, in a conversation with a stranger on the phone, found out that several banks were allegedly issuing loans in her name.

The caller, masquerading as a bank employee, said he and his colleagues were trying to prevent fraudsters, but some financial institutions had already approved the loan. But the fraudsters can still be stopped because the money has not yet been received and within a day the woman has to perform a blocking operation.

The northerner refused, and then the attacker said that she would be contacted by the law enforcement officers. A few minutes later, another man spoke to the woman from Kirov, who warmly recommended cooperation with the bank. After a short time, the first interlocutor called the woman again and convinced her to take out a loan and transfer funds to a “safe” account.

The victim took a loan of 410 thousand rubles and made 41 transfers, sending the entire amount to the numbers dictated by the attacker. The fake bank employee then said that the loan applications on her behalf have not stopped and now the woman has to take out several more loans to close the credit potential.

The northerner was offered to go to the neighboring Apatites. There, in one of the communication salons, a woman from Kirov issued three loans totaling 285 thousand rubles and transferred the received money to the specified accounts. The next day, the fraudsters said that for the final blocking of fraudulent activities, it is necessary to transfer another 100 thousand rubles. The woman took this amount from her daughter, sent the money to the callers, and only then realized that she had become a victim of scammers. In total, the northerner lost 795 thousand rubles.
A criminal case has been opened and is being investigated. Large-scale fraud is punishable by up to six years in prison.


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