Filming in the Pechenga region

In the Pechenga region – in Zapolyarni, Nickel, Pechenga – they are shooting a feature film with the working title “Gossip” (12+). Its director and screenwriter is Ivan I. Tverdovski.

The main character, the eighteen-year-old nickel girl Vika, is possessed, according to her mother, by hysteria. Vika strives to reach neighboring Norway for permanent residence, but the circumstances are such that she can only stay in the country of her dreams by committing a crime.

This week, the director gave an interview to the journalists of the local Pechenga newspaper. An excerpt from there is given by the group “NORDFILM | NORDFILM | FILMING IN MURMANSK”.

– The territory of your district and the region as a whole is a unique place for mutual penetration of the cultures of two peoples: Russian and Norwegian, – said the director – This is a special place on earth, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. You do not share space, you live with common interests, one community, friendships often intertwine, family ties are built. With our film, we want to draw attention to your unique region: the scenario is directly related to the Arctic, with special relationships that are born between people in its harsh conditions.


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