Everything here is for the readers. Regional Universal Science Library – 75! – Soviet Sakhalin

Documentally, the birthday of the library falls on August 12, 1947. It opened seven months after the formation of Sakhalin Oblast in its current borders. Since then, the partner of the region has enlightened and educated the inhabitants of the island: providing literature and the latest information on the branches of knowledge, science, art, culture and local history.

This year, for its contribution to the creation of a new information and cultural environment for the realization of the intellectual and creative possibilities of the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the library was entered into the City of Honor of the city and awarded the Mayor’s Award. The team has many merits both at the regional, all-Russian and international level.

The library participates in large-scale socially significant projects and grant programs. Successfully introduces modern information technologies, providing readers with convenient (including remote) access to library resources. It deals with digitization of periodicals and local history publications.

Director General of the National Library of Russia, Vadim Duda, notes its equally important role as a coordinating and methodical center for the professional community of the island region. Here, within the framework of the national project “Culture”, a project office has been established to support model libraries of a new generation in the areas of the region.

Employees of the Sakhalin State Historical Archive emphasize that from the post-war years to the present, the library remains a temple of knowledge, a center of the cultural, informational and educational heritage of the region. And the staff of the Ryazan Regional Universal Library named after Gorky and the professional community of this region treat the hero of the day as a flagship of Russian library science and interregional cooperation. There are grounds for such a statement: for 75 years of work, the institution has concentrated world-class spiritual and intellectual resources and continues to introduce modern technologies as one of the first in the country.

Not for the first time, the electronic library Sakhalin and the Kurils – Islands of the Dawn provides users with free access around the clock to digital copies of newspapers, including Soviet Sakhalin.

The Regional Universal Scientific Library is a permanent partner of the Russian National Library. She is also a participant in social charity projects for teaching computer literacy to the elderly. It helps young mothers become successful and return to their previous workplace with updated knowledge after parental leave or successfully enter a new business area for themselves.

Library employees organize exhibitions, presentations, hold round tables, literary and musical evenings, meetings of clubs and associations, forums, conferences, concerts, meetings with interesting people… So the cultural life here is interesting and very attractive for people of all ages. . There is a summer playground near the library.

Readers who are unable to move due to health problems are also not deprived of attention. Librarians bring books to their homes, introduce them to the latest literature.

Of course, the regional universal scientific library owes its achievements and aspirations to the future to the leaders who worked at different times: Arkady Treskov, Rimma Bogdanova, Zinaida Bezlatnaya, Lydia Korogod, Tamara Danilenko and the current director Valentina Malysheva. Remarkable specialists, honored figures of culture of the Russian Federation and the Sakhalin region, labor veterans and young employees who perceive the best work experience have worked and are working here.

The collective celebrated its 75th anniversary with an interregional scientific and practical conference on the theme “Library and cultural space of the region: time, events, people”. After all, even on holidays, professional issues always remain leading here.

Later, at a gala evening in the “Komsomolets” cinema-concert hall, a large group of specialists were awarded with commemorative signs of the governor in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Sakhalin region in its current borders, certificates and letters of thanks.

Lyudmila Nikolaeva.

  • The general fund of the main library of the region numbers 600 thousand units, including 23,567 particularly valuable and rare documents.
  • The volume of the electronic catalog is 1,187,430 warehouse units.
  • More than 16 thousand readers are served within the walls of the library annually. Remote users – more than 174 thousand people.

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