Elderly residents of Murmansk cannot buy groceries at home

Reader Tatyana Ivanova, who lives in house number 76 on Lenin Avenue, addressed the editorial office of Vecherniy Murmansk. The nearest grocery stores to her place of residence are at a distance of at least 500 meters – in Volna or in the area of ​​the building at Kominterna Street, 5. For any person of age, this is a whole journey, especially in winter on icy asphalt, which they do not always they have time to sprinkle a sand mixture in time.

“For bread and milk, you can crawl to Severomorets on Kapitan Egorov Street,” says Tatiana Efimovna in a letter to the editors of Vecherka. “There is a small vegetable stall near the arch. Expensive but always fresh, thanks to the owner! And now my grandfather is dragging himself home with a stick over his shoulder, and you must also go up to the fifth floor. I remember other times. I’ve lived in this house all my life and I’ve never had this much trouble buying groceries.

Before that, there was a supermarket in Pionersky Lane, although not the best, but it had a selection of goods and variety. Once closed, the space is empty. Meanwhile, cool parquet floors and benches are installed in the city center, the old people who raised and built Murmansk continue to make long journeys for staple food with small careful steps every day.


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