“Doesn’t fit into any gates”: Why deprivation of acquired citizenship is proposed in Russia

On Sunday, November 13, it became known that the president Vladimir Putin proposed to deprive the acquired citizenship of the country for public calls for actions against the territorial integrity of Russia, discrediting its army and participation in an unwanted foreign or international NGO (non-profit organization) The corresponding presidential amendment was submitted to the State Duma – in addition to the adopted first reading of the citizenship bill.

We discussed these and other topics on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (97.2 FM) with former Prime Minister Sergey Stepashin.

“… And first of all – the conscience”

… – Sergey Vadimovich, why we decided to turn to you for a comment … Because you served, participated in military operations in many “hot spots” of the USSR and Russia. And then we have discussed these topics more than once …

– Well, I think it’s quite obvious. (Speech on the Presidential Amendments. – AG)

Moreover, the question is about acquired citizenship. (That is, it is provided to persons arriving from other countries. – A.G.)

If you wanted to become a citizen of the Russian Federation, but you are opposed, against its territorial integrity… Are you worthy of this title? This is the first.

The second is when it comes to discrediting the Armed Forces. And this is at a time when our soldiers and officers defend the Motherland, our Russian world, sometimes risking their lives and dying on the battlefield.

Well, the participation of those who have received citizenship in unwanted (read – illegal) foreign or international NGOs – this is, as they say, out of nowhere and, of course, in such cases, citizenship must be deprived without fail.

To me, it’s quite obvious.

In addition, I want to recall the history of the first Chechen campaign. At that time I was the director of the Federal Counterintelligence Service (that was the name of the FSB. – A.G.)

No matter how much they threw mud at us, and even more so, our beloved, beloved media!

As – there Robin Hoods fights against us, it turns out, “people are fair and beautiful”. Then the first international terrorists appeared on the territory of my country.

That is why I am personally in favor of these tough but fair amendments.

– Absolutely agree with you.

– But here, Sasha, there is another aspect.

I am now – not about citizenship, but if we are already talking about the armed forces, then we must strictly demand (what I think is being done and will be done) from those who do not fulfill their duty to provide the Armed Forces, including the mobilized, with everything necessary, including material security.

Do you remember what stories there were at the beginning of this operation, even the president talked about it. But it is no longer about citizenship, but about responsibility.

– It’s about the conscience.

– Both for conscience and responsibility. I would put conscience first.

“We have a special program for Donbas”

– Sergey Vadimovich, in passing I can’t help but ask you – as the chairman of the board of the Territorial Development Fund (the former fund for housing and communal services), where you have been working for the 8th year. .

– the 9th.

– Together with General Director Tsitsin.

– Yes

– Then you and Konstantin Georgievich name the volume of emergency housing, do you take into account the emergency housing in the destroyed Donbas?

– Undoubtedly. But this is a separate program for the reconstruction and construction of housing in the territory liberated from the Nazis, in particular in Mariupol and, of course, in the entire Donbas.

Have you noticed how actively work is done there …

Yes, the results are already noticeable.

“We have a whole department dedicated to this. And people are always there. By the way, we work together with military builders.

– But now you won’t name the volumes of emergency housing destroyed by the battles?

– Yes, we won’t name names. If we talk about Donetsk, a significant part of the suburbs was destroyed.

Now the most important thing is to make sure that these Nazis will not shoot at us from Avdiivka. In fact, they only hit houses, schools, shops, crowds of people. This is international terrorism, about which for some reason everyone is silent. But the Association of Lawyers is not silent. They will be responsible for everything. Together with the Investigative Committee, we are preparing a White Paper. (For which, by the way, Ukraine included me in the list of sanctions. Namely, as the head of the Russian Bar Association, you know.

– yes Well, Ukraine also included me, along with Canada.

– Yes, I heard it.

– I crossed the border with Iosif Kobzon 18 times when we went to Donbass. That’s why…

Three five years of Konstantin Tsitsin: changing of the guard

– And yet I can’t help but ask such a human question. As far as I know, Konstantin Titsin has been working at your fund for the past few weeks… Well, he decided to step down as CEO after all.

– Konstantin worked exactly 15 years in this position and our foundation under his leadership, of course, achieved excellent results.

We have not only fulfilled all the orders of the President, we have over fulfilled them, to be frank.

One and a half million citizens were moved from emergency housing to new houses and apartments. This is the population of a small country. There has never been such a program in Russia. And not only in Russia.

Many thanks to Konstantin, I hope the state will also note it.

– In his place, as far as I know, there will be a new, young leader, Ilshat Shagiakhmetov (you will be working with him from December). What advice would you give him?

– We have already met with him, we have spoken more than once. And we have one task – to continue at the same pace to solve the problems of resettling people from dilapidated housing and – to go on the path of modernization.

Well, now we have added a huge volume, these are new tasks related to the restoration of cities and villages in the liberated territories.

– That is, you plan to go there with the new head of the Territory Development Fund, yes, and see?

– Well, of course. Maybe with him, maybe without him. Our Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing how the fund carries out its tasks.

“We don’t get into a prize fight”

– … And we already wrote in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that the president highly appreciated the merits of Sergey Stepashin – by the way, it was for your work in the Housing and Communal Fund – and awarded you with the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 1 th degree. Is it already delivered or not yet?

– Yes, everything is fine, I have been awarded the order.

– How was it? Or you don’t want us to know…

– Well, give and give. Now is not the time for orders.

– Then, I hope your granddaughter has already seen this order and congratulated you.

– Well, the granddaughter reacted quite calmly to this. For her, the most important thing is that the grandparents and parents are nearby. She’s still philosophical about it.

– You have the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 1st class, and I have the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” 1st class.

– Sasha, everything is in front of you, catch up with me more.

– Sergey Vadimovich, thank you for such a human interview.

– By the way, don’t forget, my friend Andrey Nikolski has a wonderful song:

We enter battle not for prizes,

And you’re lucky – the bullets will pass you by.

Yes, I am a soldier of my country,

And the feeling of the Motherland lives inseparably…


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