Development vector. City Duma deputies approved the master plan of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Soviet Sakhalin

All participants in the Duma meeting voted “for” the project of the most important document for the further development of the regional center with one abstention.

The adoption of the document is the result of two years of work by specialists from the Institute of General Planning of Moscow, specialists from the city administration and, of course, the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk themselves.

We remind you that the previous master plan was approved in 2012. The new document is aligned with the current legislation and defines the potential development of the urban area, the functional purpose of the neighborhoods and much more.

“This is a historic event for the city. We determined the development vector of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for the next 20 years. The document reflects plans for the construction of kindergartens, schools, sports and cultural facilities and public spaces. Special attention is paid to the development of the road network. Solutions are foreseen that will provide new areas of the city with public transport and will allow unloading of the central roads – these are reserve routes and much more, – emphasized Sergey Nadsadin, who initiated the work on the master plan.

We remind you that the leading Russian institution in the field of general territorial planning – the Moscow Institute of General Planning, which has a 70-year history – participated in the development of the document.

About 100 people worked in the development team on the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk project alone. These are specialists in demography, transport, engineering infrastructure, social facilities, architects, etc. On the part of the regional center, all employees of the Department of Architecture and Town Planning were involved, as well as departments and divisions of the city administration, who prepared analytical information on the controlled territories, participated in social design, coordination, etc. .

– When preparing the document, we paid special attention to interaction with the public. To begin with, a spatial strategy for the development of the city was formed. In the course of the work, there were meetings with residents, discussions, – said the deputy director of the Department of Architecture and Town Planning, chief architect of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Maxim Efanov. – We held eight public discussions of the project for OUP in all settlements of the neighborhood. You can also record your opinion on an interactive map. The people of South Sakhalin showed great activity at all stages of the work, for which we are very grateful.

All received proposals for the development of urban infrastructure have been taken into account in the UMP. Already on its basis, in the future, more specialized and narrowly focused documents will be developed, such as rules for land use and arrangement, programs for complex development and projects for planning residential areas of the urban area.

“Now, no changes and norms of urban planning documentation can be made contrary to the general plan, only in accordance with it,” Maxim Efanov concluded.

He emphasized that the adoption of the document became possible thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the deputies of the City Council, who promptly developed all comments on the project with the Ministry of Architecture and Urban Planning. He also noted the active assistance from the regional administration, which the municipality received at all stages of the preparation of the document.

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