Criminal talent: resident of Krestets sentenced to 5 years under 4 articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – “Novgorod” newspaper Veliky Novgorod

The attacker Krestetsky, who grabbed 600 rubles from the hands of a saleswoman from a 24-hour flower shop, received 5 years in a colony with a general regime. Last winter, he was quickly identified and detained by the police in Krastec.

True, the person involved in this case turned out to be a whole bunch (5) of crimes. He was immediately tried on 4 counts: theft, burglary, burglary and robbery.

According to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, in December 2021, this man stole a Renault SR from open access and drove through the streets of his native village. Similarly, in February 2022, the defendant stole a Renault Mégane car in the same Cresti. Between these events, in January 2022, the accused with a hammer entered the premises of a local store, from where he stole goods with a total value of more than 7.5 thousand rubles, as well as a bicycle from the entrance worth more than 4.5 thousand rubles.

The criminal epic for the defendant ended in February 2022 at a flower stand, where he came masked and with a knife, after which he was “picked up” by law enforcement officers.

The 49-year-old defendant has partially pleaded guilty to the crimes committed.

The verdict has not entered into force and is subject to appeal in accordance with the law.

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