Consumer rights: Rospotrebnadzor stopped the activity of a Novgorod cafe – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod Rospotrebnadzor checked the complaint of a consumer who was poisoned in the cafe “Vgosti” (OOD “Good Year”). According to the prosecutor’s office of the Novgorod region, an unplanned spot check was carried out in a cafe on Bolshaya Moskovskaya street.

And violations were found: in the course of technological processes, in the lack of a set of necessary premises, in the discrepancy between the technological capabilities of the enterprise and the range of culinary products sold.

Discovered culinary products that do not meet the requirements of the regulations on microbiological indicators. E. coli bacteria were found in swabs from surfaces, equipment, hands of staff.

According to the department, in order to prevent an immediate threat to the life or health of people, the department took measures to temporarily ban the activity of the Vgosti cafe, and the materials of the administrative violation case were sent to the Novgorod District Court Hall.

The court decided to suspend the activities of Khoroshiy God LLC for the operation of the Vgosti cafe for 20 days.

This time in the catering establishment should be used to correct violations. However, the decision can still be appealed.

photo group Vgosti Cafe Veliky Novgorod

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