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Parquet is a fairly common flooring that is widespread today. Moreover, it is used not only in houses and apartments, but also in public institutions, assembly halls, cinemas, offices, etc. Parquet is a durable material, it is prestigious and looks good in absolutely any interior. However, it is very whimsical in care, requires attention and various works to strengthen and restore. Parquet scraping is most often used. Here, the prices of services are quite democratic, so almost everyone can follow the coverage.

What is parquet scraping?

In fact, scraping is the same as grinding a wood finish. Mats laid on the floor require maintenance, so this service is very relevant and in demand. By removing the thin top layer of the product, you can completely improve its appearance. Modern mills are equipped with a special drum on which a layer of sandpaper is placed. This allows you to mechanize the process, to do it faster and more efficiently, without touching unnecessary areas. And at the end of the procedure, the product is lacquered to preserve the effect and protect it from external influences.

Parquet scraping scheme

One of the most important steps in the whole process is preparation. The specialist will check and determine the quality and condition of the entire coating. In the event that there are rotted dies or serious deep chips in most places, these elements may need to be replaced. If there are no special defects and it is only necessary to improve the condition and appearance, then the scraping procedure is ideal for this.

Before starting work, it is necessary to remove all elements of furniture and decor, as well as remove skirting boards. This is done due to the abundance of dust during scraping. The absence of foreign products not only facilitates and improves the work, but also allows the customer to save on additional cleaning and cleaning of furniture.

The scheme of work is as follows:

  • the coating is treated with coarse sandpaper to remove the remnants of the old varnish layer and slightly level the surface;
  • further processing is carried out with soft sandpaper, for an additional effect, as well as a complete leveling of the surface;
  • in places where it is not possible to reach, use an angle grinder;
  • in cases where gaps have formed between the matrices, they are plastered and surface polished.

When is parquet sanded?

The scraping procedure can be carried out annually, but the specific terms depend on the condition of the parquet and the conditions of its operation. However, experts advise to carry out such work in the following cases:

  • the varnish has become dull, worn or completely darkened;
  • abundance of scratches, loss of aesthetic appearance;
  • the presence of stains that cannot be washed with various means;
  • gaps between wooden boards;
  • creaking or other unusual sounds from the flooring.

Benefits of scraping parquet

The most important advantage is the visual component. The coating after scraping takes on its original appearance, becomes more beautiful and aesthetic. The plates acquire a more natural look and a beautiful bright color. It also removes stains, dents and scratches, making the overall look more pleasing. After the procedures, the floor covering is treated with varnish. Therefore, it turns out that it fixes the existing result for a long time, as well as protects the product from the influence of the external environment.

Only trusted specialists should entrust the parquet scraping procedure, otherwise the surface may be irreparably damaged.®

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