Andriy Turchak inspected the work of the United Russia volunteer assistance center on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region

United Russia volunteers from the Krasnodar region, Crimea, Rostov region and Melitopol provide people in queues with water and hot tea, provide psychological assistance and legal advice. An evacuation center will be set up for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. Only in the first half of the day, more than 2 thousand residents of Kherson used the crossing.

Secretary of the General Council of the Party met with volunteers and residents of the Kherson region. The main issue that worries people today when they move to other regions is obtaining housing certificates.

“In every region of the country, you have the right to issue a certificate of residence. It will be calculated based on the number of family members as per social norms, – explained Andrei Turchak. “You can choose any region in which a home will be purchased under the certificate.”

For people with limited mobility and families with babies, humanitarian mission volunteers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, organized separate buses to minimize waiting times.

“Yesterday we received many questions from residents who are facing the problem of moving out their elderly and disabled relatives. To quickly solve this problem, there is a volunteer application center, – said the head of the Kherson regional branch of United Russia, the deputy head of the faction in the Duma Igor Kastyukevich. – If necessary, we pick up a person and deliver him to the crossing in a timely manner. Our volunteers are also involved in providing people with water, hot tea and medicine.”

A camp will be established in the border town of Armyansk (Republic of Crimea) as part of United Russia’s humanitarian mission for residents who decided to leave Kherson region on their own. In it you can relax, drink tea, get legal advice.


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