Andrey Privalikhin: his palace

Kirovka turned 90! I’m sorry, the Regional Palace of Culture and Folk Creativity named after S. M. Kirov turned 90 years old. During this time, he took his place in the hearts of tens of thousands of Murmansk residents. He managed to become his own, and for each of us his own in his own way. From here in October 1916 began Murmansk, and in 1934 – the Feast of the North.

I don’t like the word “cult”. Because we already live in the world of cult directors, read cult books by cult writers, wear clothes from cult fashion designers, visit iconic places, see iconic sights. That’s why I don’t want to hang this label on our kirovka. He is his own, he is an integral part of Murmansk. And yet – every resident of Murmansk has his own.

My “Kirovka” started when I was in the fourth grade and my parents let me go to the movies alone for the first time. Kirovka was the closest to our house. Then there was a small and very cozy movie theater in the palace on the top floor.

For many of my classmates, Kirovka started earlier. They were from families of fishermen, and the Kirov Palace of Culture was a fisherman’s palace. Therefore, the children “fishermen” of the first grade went there to the Christmas trees. I was a “shipper’s” kid, so my Christmas trees were at the sailors’ recreation center. That’s why I met Kirovka later than they did. In addition, almost everyone managed to enroll in the excellent library of the palace, which was located on the ground floor.

And in “Kirovka”, and also on the ground floor, there was a gym. One of the boys who lived in our yard was doing acrobatics there. I once played basketball in this hall. The hall was small, so only a small balcony was reserved for spectators, which was located under the very ceiling behind one of the basketball rings.

Growing up, I started going to “Kirovka” for dances. There were no discos then. That’s why we went to dances either at “Kirovka” or at “Zhelezka” (House of Railwaymen’s Culture). In addition, each district of the city went to dances in “its” recreation center. A trip to the “alien” can end with unpredictable consequences.

In Kirovka, there have always been many artistic circles, ensembles, there was even a theater. One of the classmates at the institute diligently studied there, and we were pleased to watch the big stage of Kirovka Dunaevsky’s operetta “Zhovet”, in which he played the role of narrator.

In modern times, Kirovka has been rebuilt and repaired. The library has been liquidated. Instead, there was once a joint Russian-Norwegian company that traded in computers. Fitness has been removed. But “Kirovka” has always been and remains her, dear, close. It is in the heart of every true resident of Murmansk.


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