Andrey Nikitin instructed to analyze the rates of management companies in Novgorod – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The official portal of the government of the Novgorod region reported on the working meeting of the governor Andrey Nikitin with the new head of the Tariff Regulation Committee of the Novgorod region Vitaly Pavlenko.

“Tariffs should be set in such a way that organizations can work smoothly and consumers can pay for these services,” Vitaly Pavlenko said.

According to the head, the Tariff Regulation Commission will focus on openness. Emphasis will be placed on explanatory work with the population through social networks, live meetings with residents will be held more often.

“A reasonable balance is very important,” the governor commented on the tariff policy, “On the one hand, the systems of housing and communal services and the energy complex should not wear out and go into the red when their work is not covered by the tariff. . On the other hand, there should not be situations where the personal expenses of the leaders are covered by the money of the citizens.

According to the governor’s information policy department, the head of the region instructed Vitaly Pavlenko to develop, together with colleagues from other departments, the issue of analyzing the tariffs set by the management companies (MC).

photo of the portal of the Government of Novgorod Oblast

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