Andrey Nikitin: “I am sure that Russia will feed the whole world” – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

In Veliky Novgorod, Governor Andrey Nikitin met with former Governor and now Senator Sergei Mitin. The conversation was about the further development of agricultural enterprises and organizations, the development of rural infrastructure, the participation of farmers in state programs.

Sergey Gerasimovich, who was the deputy minister of agriculture before coming to Novgorod region, well understands the nuances of the agro-industrial complex.

And according to the regional department of information policy, during the meeting, the senator emphasized that the agrarian topic, the issues of processing agricultural products are the most promising areas today. Sergey Mitin assured that all state programs that help the development of the industry will also be directed to the Novgorod Region.

“I am sure that Russia will feed the whole world and our small region can become a part of this big process,” answered Andrey Sergeevich.

We add that the head of the region also asked the senator to pay special attention to the Nikol fish farm in the name of. V.P. Vrassky, which is located in the Demyansk region. It is the oldest enterprise in the country, which has been growing fish here for 168 years.

photo of the Department of Information Policy of the Administration of the Governor of the Novgorod Region

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