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A resident of Moscow was convicted of fraud against an official of the government of the Novgorod Region. But the money was not returned to the victim …

Today, the Judicial Collegium on Criminal Cases considered the appeal against the verdict of the Novgorod District Court, according to which a certain Muscovite was sentenced to 2 years for fraud.
In addition, 300 thousand rubles were recovered from the defendant in favor of the victim from Novgorod, who was an employee of our regional administration.
As the court found, in May 2021, an employee of the government of the Novgorod region received a call from a person who identified himself as an employee of the government of the Russian Federation and said that they planned to appoint her to a higher position. But in order to speed up the process of appointment and passing checks, it is necessary to transfer 300 thousand rubles to certain bank accounts, which the victim did.

According to the court, the defendant cashed in and seized part of this money (100,000 rubles).
The convict did not agree with the court’s sentence and appealed it to the Novgorod Regional Court.
The appeal was partially upheld – the jury agreed with the trial court’s conclusion that the man’s guilt had been established and proven and that he had been given a just punishment.
However, the higher court overturned the verdict on the victim’s claim to recover 300,000 rubles in her favor from the fraudster.
According to the Joint Press Service of the Courts, the judicial panel took into account that the victim’s actions actually contained signs of an attempt to give a bribe, in connection with which a criminal case was also initiated against her, which was however terminated.
“In the case of such data, she has no right to request the return of the transferred valuables, but they can be converted into state income,” the ruling reads.
The verdict of the Novgorod District Court of September 19, 2022 entered into force.

photo of the United Press Service of the Courts of Novgorod Region

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