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An unusual exhibition opened in the Novgorod art space “Boulevard”. The works of husband and wife Valentina Pepelyaeva and Mikhail Danilov, husband and wife Sevastyan Danilov-Pepelyaev and Varvara Stepanova with their daughter Teona Danilova-Pepelyaeva are presented. All the authors are close relatives, and the youngest artist is only four years old.

As the director of “Boulevard” Vera Niroznik said, the exhibition “Walk. ART-5 became unique not only for the art space, but also for the authors: five family members exhibit together for the first time, although all the adults are already accomplished artists.

“The importance of family values ​​is often overlooked. So I’m especially happy to say that we have a creative family represented here today. I want to draw attention to the work of the youngest artist “Dad brings flowers to mom”: here family values ​​are valued and passed down from generation to generation. And as long as this is the case, our country will not be defeated,” Aleksey Pavlov, general director of TPK Print Dvor OOD, presented the exhibition.

An art exhibition of a large creative family opened in Veliky Novgorod

By the way, this exhibition was the first for the girl. Like adult budding artists, she was nervous at first, but then, seeing the audience’s enthusiasm, relaxed and even talked about her artistic preferences, how she likes to draw with markers and pens and prefers gold and silver colors.

Older relatives also presented their work:

“I’m a bit of a lyricist and a philosopher at heart, so in my works you can see and feel the symbolism of feelings and my mood. In autumn, I especially feel the changes not only in nature, but also in myself, the relationship with my family, the subtle sound of the states of the soul,” Valentina Pepelyaeva shared with the audience.

“My work is mainly influenced and inspired by the work of the American artist Beau Bartlett, although he writes in a completely different way. I was a little less influenced by the paintings of surrealist artists such as René Magritte, Georges de Chirico and Salvador Dali and a little by the style of romanticism performed by the Pre-Raphaelites”, says Mikhail Danilov.

By the way, visitors to the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with two sides of the artist’s work at the same time, because the design of the art space is also the work of Mikhail Danilov. And those who attended the opening of the exhibition recognized two faces of Varvara Stepanova: she played the violin for them.

An art exhibition of a large creative family opened in Veliky Novgorod

The works of five authors, each of whom has his own style, look harmoniously together: despite the difference in genres and techniques, there is something in them that unites them in one exposition.

“I’ve never seen what children’s work looks like among adults, and I really liked how it looked. It is very beautiful: in these emotional pictures, bright spots, the eye rests. They bring special emotions”, Valentina Pepelyaeva shared her impressions.

The exhibition is open at the address: boulevard Voskresenski, 4. You can visit it until November 22, 2022. Admission is free.

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