An American athlete acquitted in the case of double murder congratulated Musk

OJ Simpson was released in 2017

OJ Simpson was released in 2017


The once famous American actor and athlete OJ Simpson is now 75 years old. And despite the fact that his sports and film career ended in the 1990s, he still remains one of the most famous people in the United States.

OJ plays in the National Football League. He has many records. The footballer constantly became the best player of the year, received numerous awards and great fees. When his career in sports ended, OJ began working as a television commentator. Then he got the first roles in the cinema. His most famous acting work is the role of partner Leslie Nielsen in the comedy The Naked Gun.

But he became famous around the world for another reason: after he managed to avoid punishment for the brutal murder of his wife and her friend.

The evidence of his involvement in the crime was obvious, but the lawyer managed to give a twist to the case that turned everything upside down.

In 1994, 34-year-old Nicole Brown was murdered in her own home in Los Angeles. Her body was found at the front door. The killer slashed her throat, effectively cutting off her head. Not far from Nicole’s body, they found the entire disfigured corpse of her boyfriend, 25-year-old Ronald Goldman.

Nicole’s ex-husband, Orenthal Jay Simpson, immediately came under suspicion. The couple was divorced, but the ex-husband constantly watched over Nicole. After breaking up, he bought a house nearby and began to watch her every day: when she comes, who she meets, what she wears.

They met when Nicole was 18 years old, the girl then worked as a waitress. The couple officially got married only after 8 years. In their marriage, two children were born – daughter Sydney and son Justin.

The family often falls into the lens of the cameras. And Simpson seemed to be doing great. But it was not. After the wedding, OJ became a real tyrant and often beat his wife.

Nicole suffered for a long time, but then wrote a statement to the police and filed for divorce. The former athlete could not survive the fact that he was abandoned. And two years later, Nicole Brown was found murdered.

During the investigation, a lot of direct evidence was found proving the ex-husband’s involvement in the murder. First, the police found a bloody glove in the house of the murdered woman, the second was found in O.J.’s house. Each had Nicole’s blood and her ex-husband’s fingerprints.

When the police arrived at Simpson’s house, he himself was not there. He also had no alibi.

This and many others failed to convince the jury. They referred to the fact that OJ is black and his wife is white. And they decided that the case was made up. The investigator collecting the evidence is accused of racism and the court acquits O.J.

True, he later went to prison – for armed robbery and kidnapping. And for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, no one has ever been punished.

In recent years, Simpson has made a living commentating on sports. And he often complains that many fake accounts appear on the web claiming to be maintained in his name.

After learning that Elon Musk had bought Twitter, Simpson was delighted and even sent congratulations to the billionaire on this occasion, expressing his hope that he would finally be able to pass an inspection and receive the coveted “blue sign” indicating, that a particular Twitter account belongs to a real person and not a fictional person.


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