A waste paper collection campaign has been launched in the Murmansk region

In the Murmansk region, a waste paper collection campaign #BumBattle has started, which lasts until November 15. It is being held for the second time in the framework of the national project “Ecology”, according to which by 2024 at least 60 percent of solid household waste must be sent for recycling. The proceeds from the sale of recycled paper are used to organize free adaptive sports classes for children with special needs and health from Murmansk and the Murmansk Region.

To participate, it is necessary to collect and deliver waste paper, post a photo or video post on social networks with the hashtag #boombattle #nationalprojectecology with a marked account, leave a request on the site and receive a certificate of participation.

Checks, disposable drink cups, napkins and toilet paper, wallpaper and photo wallpaper, photo paper, toilet paper envelopes and paper towels, baking paper, parchment and wax paper, milk and juice cartons, egg trays, cigarette boxes. In addition, you cannot take dirty, greasy cardboard and paper. You should also make sure that there is no film coating on the paper or cardboard. Packets of tea, marshmallows, matchsticks with cut side graters can be passed.

In Murmansk, you can hand over waste paper to the collection and recycling center at the address: Tralovaya street, building 2, contact phone number 28-61-91.

Eco-modules are located in Murmansk:

Lenin district

● prohod Ivan Halatin, 25;

● Nakhimov St., 14;

● Safonov St., 39;

● Heroes’ Avenue-Severomortsev, 2;

● Prospekt na Geroite-Severomortsev, 47/2;

● Prospekt na Geroite-Severomortsev, 68;

● Prospekt na Geroite-Severomortsev, 78.

October district

● Kirov ave., 23;

● Avenue Lenin, 32;

● 13 Polarnye zori str.;

● 2 Radishtev Street;

● Rogozerskaya Street, 4;

● Northern passage, 8;

● 30 Skalnaya Street;

● 21 Starostina Street;

● 14 Sedova Street;

● 18 Profsoyuz St.

Pervomayski district

● Anchor sail, 4b;

● Icebreaker, 11a;

● Kolski prospect, 104, bl. four;

● Kolski prospect, 138, bl. 2;

● Kolski prospect, 149a;

● Kolski prospect, 152a;

● Kolski prospect, 174, bl. 2;

● Prospect Kola, 194;

● 23 Bochkova Street;

● General Shcherbakov St., 16;

● Zoya Kosmodemyanskoi Street, 6;

● Kapitana Kopitov St., 45;

● Krupskaya Street, 38;

● Shevchenko St., 34;

● 38 Fadeev Ruchey Street;

● Shabalina St., 13.


● Zavodskaya street, 4;

● Molodyozhnaya Street, 17.


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